The Oscars are happening next month and the host is ... no one

The Oscars are happening next month and the host is ... no one

There will not be one comic opening the Oscars with a monologue, a comic who risks entering the crowded Oscars Hall of Fame of Bad Hosts, as David Letterman once did.

Although it looked like Kevin Hart might be invited back to host the awards, The Academy seems to be getting rid of the role altogether, for the first time in 30 years.

The comedian initially rejected demands to apologize, insisting he had apologized for the tweets several times before, but later said sorry again after stepping down as Oscars presenter. "I don't want people to think there's a thing about me and the Academy", he added. I'm just done. So you have to come to a point where you know that you've given all that you possibly can.

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"I'm over it", Hart said multiple times when asked about his apology or the controversy.

The 39-year-old Hart repeatedly reiterated to Strahan on Wednesday that he is "over" talking about his old tweets and said there would be "no more conversation about it". Some things are left out of your hands.

"I have explained how I evolved, which makes me say I'm over it".

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He told "GMA" he's not giving any more explanations.

Don't expect to hear any more apologies from Kevin Hart about his homophobic tweets. "I'm a good person, I love to love, if you don't see that,'s a problem with you. I want you to be happy, be gay, be happy.' And then I say as a heterosexual male, if I can do something to stop my son... that's where the joke starts", Hart says. It's a choice that I personally made to say, 'I'm not addressing it anymore.' That's not from an angry place.

After scrambling to find a replacement for actor and comedian Kevin Hart, this year's Academy Awards ceremony will reportedly not feature a host for the first time in three decades. You've already expressed that it's not being educated on the subject, not realizing how risky those words are, not realizing how many kids are killed for being gay or beaten up every day ...

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Hollywood's biggest awards evening on the 25 of February will instead be hosted by a variety of different stars to introduce the different sections. The Academy, they're unbelievable people, the offer was made, it was received, I was excited, things happened, it didn't work out the way it that it should have. So hold to account, call them out, but you don't want to bully people. "It's all they ever wanted him to do, and he's doing it in spades". According to Hart, the Academy gave him an ultimatum: apologize or step down as host.

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