[CES 2019] 'Samsung Smart TVs will ultimately have built-in Google Assistant, Alexa'

[CES 2019] 'Samsung Smart TVs will ultimately have built-in Google Assistant, Alexa'

There are large, large numbers of feature phones in the market today - hundreds of millions.

Google Assistant is expected to be on one billion devices by the end of January.

So what will Google and Amazon's daisy-chained voice assistant be capable of?

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Both Apple and Google have been trying to get people to buy their smart home speakers, but Amazon has sold way more devices in this category. Limp also noted that, unlike with Siri or Google Assistant which come with devices, Alexa consumers chose to purchase Alexa or Alexa-enabled products, key to the success of the voice assistant.

Amazon still has nearly three times the smart home support of GoogleReally, though, the big contributor to Google's billion Assistant devices is Android phones. However, Alexa now works on more than 150 different third-party products and the company is not afraid of experimentation with other startups as well. (Hello!) in a language spoken by more than 1.4 billion people of the most populous country in the world.

This news has been shared the week before CES, putting pressure on rivals Google Assistant which has gained a lot of popularity in 2018.

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That's up from 500 million devices in May, so once this milestone is met at some point in the near future, the number of Google Assistant-supporting devices will have doubled in less than a year.

Brilliant operates in place of a standard light switch, and already works with Alphabet 's (GOOGL) Google Assistant.

Although the growth in the past 12 months has been exponential, don't expect Google to rest there. That estimate includes both Google products and devices from other brands including smartphones, smart speakers, smart displays, vehicle infotainment screens, and home security cameras. I look forward to seeing what Google bring next.

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