North Korea defectors' details leaked in hacking

North Korea defectors' details leaked in hacking

The South Korean government has not accused North Korea of being behind the attack. "The personal information that had been leaked (which includes name and birth date) will be explained individually over phone or mail".

The names, birth dates and addresses of 997 North Korean defectors were leaked last month through a personal computer infected with a malicious code, and the government learned of the leak on December 17, according to the ministry. There is a chance that the hack may impact the families of defectors, since the identity of every defector is not known in North Korea. But experts are reportedly anxious for the safety and security of defectors and their families, according to the BBC. "In that computer, there was a file containing personal information of North Korean defectors".

In order to prevent such leaks in the future, the government is working to separate the computers storing confidential data at the 25 resettlement facilities across the country run by the Hana Center, so the systems tasked with storing information about North Korean defectors will not be connected to the internet, making it hard for cybercriminals to get their hands on them. "The file was confirmed to have been leaked".

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The South Korean state said that this is the first significant hack involving defectors. Apart from 100 North Korean delegates, officials from UN, Russia, China and Mongolia joined the inauguration program, while the United States and UN security council declared their support for the ceremony.

The ministry said it has found no further signs of hacking attacks or data breaches after investigating Hana's offices around the country earlier this week.

"The visit can happen anytime if North Korea sends an invitation to pope", Kim said at a news conference held at Gwangju Archdiocese in the southern city of Gwangju, Yonhap News reported.

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The classified data was leaked through a personal computer.

Ministry officials said the breach occurred last month when an employee of the government agency Hanna Foundation opened an email with malware, reports the Wall Street Journal.

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