Trump expected to pick Heather Nauert for United Nations ambassador

Trump expected to pick Heather Nauert for United Nations ambassador

President Trump has chosen State Department official Heather Nauert to serve as the next USA ambassador to the United Nations, a report said on Thursday. At the time, she described her time in the position as a "blessing", but offered no reason for leaving except a belief that government officials must know "when it's time to step aside". While Haley consistently maintained overt antagonism toward Russia in the United Nations, it's unlikely to get any better with Nauert, the speaker that brought us "Russia has long arms, Russia has lots of tentacles" in regard to the Skripal case, and once refused to answer a reporter's question because she was Russian saying: "Russian?"

While Nauert struggled during the tenure of former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson - so ostracized from his inner circle that she considered quitting - she could now bring to the United Nations close ties to the White House and a good working relationship with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Nauert speaks as U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo dialogues with reporters in his plane while flying from Panama to Mexico, Oct. 18.

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The administration has also worked through the United Nations to try to find a political solution to the wars in Syria and Yemen, two issues that will confront Nauert. She hadn't specialized in foreign policy or global relations.

United Nations diplomats say that behind the scenes negotiations are central to an ambassador's job, and that presentation skills are also important.

"No one wants to prejudge how Nauert will perform", he adds, noting that "she'll be working with a pretty professional team and if Nauert is willing to trust the diplomats, they will have her back".

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Nauert, 48, has been touted for the post since November.

Trump had previously said Nauert was under serious consideration to replace Haley, though he's been known to change course on staffing in the past.

"With Pompeo more firmly in control and Bolton focused on his anti-multilateral agenda, there's a sense the U.S. ambassador will have less clout", Gowan said. "Nauert is a cipher as far as most United Nations diplomats are concerned". Haley rallied global support for tougher measures in 2017, when Pyongyang ramped up its ballistic missile and weapons test, but there has been increasing pressure to ease up on the restrictions following Trump's meeting with Kim Jong Un in June.

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