Google Fi phone service now works on iPhones, Galaxy and OnePlus phones

Google Fi phone service now works on iPhones, Galaxy and OnePlus phones

So it is finally official now, Google has at last rebranded its Project Fi into Google Fi and furthermore, the tech giant announced that the network will now add support for iPhones and most of the Android devices.

As recap, Fi operates primarily on the T-Mobile and Sprint Networks, offers a truly sensible data plan in which you just pay for what you use, and has some clever techniques to switch between Wi-Fi and LTE to maximize your phone's data performance. Anything over that is free. For global roaming, Google Fi users are charged the same price as at home. Data costs $10 per gigabyte with a maximum data charge of $60 for an individual user, according to the Fi website.

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Missing from the non-Google phones: a seamless setup, visual voicemail, and automatic network switching. And effectively having access to 15GB of data for $60 is pretty handy if you're an global traveller. Google did release a Fi app for iOS in beta to make setting up the network and controlling your account from your iPhone as easy as possible. If you have a Pixel, though, or any of the other devices available through Fi's site, the cellular network switching feature is available (and extremely useful), and benefits like cheap roaming are also a major plus. You'll still get Fi's existing pay-as-you-go, contract-free pricing scheme, wide worldwide coverage, and additional data-only SIMs at no extra charge. And, while the focus is on USA customers using Android handsets it also works on iPhones and can be purchased outside the US.

Google first launched the service over three years ago, and as part of today's announcement, it changed its name from "Project Fi" to "Google Fi", presumably signaling a commitment to keeping it alive.

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Additionally, if Google Fi is installed on your smartphone now, the user can ear $200 of Fi services credit when you sign up.

The report says "Fi-friendly" phones will "offer the best overall user experience for subscribers", without going into detail on what that means, exactly.

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To celebrate the rebranding of Google Fi, Google Store has kicked off a pretty big promotion that could get you up to $999 in travel gift cards as long as you buy a Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 2, or Pixel 2 XL and sign-up for Google Fi service.

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