The NFL Is Bringing Football to Fortnite

The NFL Is Bringing Football to Fortnite

Similar to the Epic and Legendary AR (which we all know is, and call, a Scar), the Heavy AR is inspired by another real world weapon, the AK47 - a gun that's featured in nearly every shooter game, ever.

It is available as a Rare, Epic and Legendary item and can do 44,46 or 48 damage. According to the notes, the Heavy AR, or the new AK deals 44/46/48 damage and has a magazine of 25 bullets.

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To purchase the items, players can go into the Battle Royale Item Shop and use Fortnite's in-game currency, V-Bucks. The skins will hit Fortnite's in-game shop this Friday, when players will have to opportunity to purchase them. There is also a new mode in Battle-Royale which is called Team Terror. Just after the Halloween themed Fortnitemares event, the mysterious purple game which has been a feature of the game since the very first installment exploded sending players to a unusual realm of light. It was only logical that the world's most popular video game and the most popular professional sport in the US come together. Players can even pick their own number on the back between 1 and 99. It's a great time to never stop playing Fortnite. The biggest and most notable is a UI overhaul to bring the Save the World mode more in line with what's found in Battle Royale and make the transition between the two seem and feel more seamless. The map also has extra loot and resources. You can also change the visibility for most HUD elements, as well as grid snapping.

Team Terror comes as part of the game's latest v6.22 patch which introduces a brand new heavy assault rifle and a bunch of brand new skins as part of a partnership with the National Hockey League.

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With the publicity from Tyler Blevins - known widely as Ninja - as Fortnite's most popular player and Twitch's highest-subbed channel, the idea of mixing the two isn't breaking news.

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