Fingerprint, misspellings point to bomb suspect, United States News & Top Stories

Fingerprint, misspellings point to bomb suspect, United States News & Top Stories

He's looking at up to 48 years in prison if found guilty.

The man accused of sending package bombs to critics of President Trump is scheduled to appear before a judge Monday in Miami federal court.

A lone fingerprint and a set of misspellings helped point Federal Bureau of Investigation agents to a Florida man with a long criminal record now charged with mailing home-made bombs to prominent critics of President Donald Trump.

At a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, Friday evening, Trump first thanked law enforcement for capturing the mail bomb suspect, identified as 56-year-old Cesar Sayoc from South Florida.

President Donald Trump said Friday he has no plans to call former President Barack Obama or other individuals who were the intended targets of pipe bombs mailed this week. A package to Soros had been recovered two days earlier.

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But federal authorities say the bombs Sayoc allegedly sent were real and a danger to their recipients.

When asked why Sayoc had sent the bombs to Democrats, Sessions said that he was not sure, but added that the suspect "appears to be a partisan".

Sayoc's past is marked by encounters with law enforcement.

The bubble-wrapped manila envelopes, addressed to Democrats such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and intercepted from DE to California, held vital forensic evidence that investigators say they leveraged to arrest Sayoc four days after the investigation started.

United States justice department officials said the bombs were "not hoax devices" and warned there could be more still undiscovered.

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Debra Gureghian, the general manager of New River Pizza and Fresh Kitchen restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where mail bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc worked as a delivery driver until January, told CNN that Sayoc was anti-black, anti-gay and anti-Jewish. A package arrived at CNN on Wednesday, directed to former CIA Director John Brennan.

Moore further noted that he had sent a video that included producer Basel Hamden and Eric Weinrib to the rally to capture footage of the crowds the president attracts in order to understand "our fellow Americans, lost souls full of anger and possible violence, easily fed a pile of lies so large and toxic that we wondered if there would ever be a chance that we could bring them back from the Dark Side".

A registered Republican, Sayoc's political views were evident on social media, railing against Democrats, Muslims and liberals in Facebook and Twitter posts. "We don't talk politics or religion in a bar, you know?"

One law enforcement official said the investigation came together less than 24 hours before the announcement, with a preliminary DNA match first and the fingerprint match coming sometime Friday morning.

Gureghian said that Sayoc even criticized her personally. According to Wray, they were all made of about 15 cm of PVC pipe, a small clock, a battery, some wiring and potential explosives.

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They ordered him to the ground, Fiori said, and he did not resist.

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