20 killed in limo crash in upstate New York, Latest World News

20 killed in limo crash in upstate New York, Latest World News

The Albany Times Union reported a limousine was carrying a wedding party when it crashed at the "notorious" intersection of State Route 30 and State Route 30A in the town of Schoharie, about 25 miles west of Albany. There were newlyweds and young couples and four sisters, all on their way to revel at an upstate NY brewery.

The intersection is a known danger spot that has long anxious locals, even after an overhaul following a deadly 2008 accident there, according to Apple Barrel manager Jessica Kirby. So was the limo's driver. Two pedestrians there were also struck and died.

The birthday party guests were riding in a 2001 Ford Expedition that had been converted into a limousine.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said earlier Monday he was unsure if the crash would lead to new regulations or laws enforcing limousine safety in NY, pointing to the protections already in place that were apparently violated.

"The driver needed what what's called a CDL, a commercial driver license with a passenger endorsement".

The sister of a woman killed in a limousine crash in upstate NY says her heart is "sunken" and she's in a "place where I've never felt this type of pain before".

He posed as a terrorist sympathizer in at least three investigations.

The governor added that Prestige Limousine, the company responsible for the vehicle, was being sent a cease and desist until the probe is complete.

"Second, that vehicle was inspected by the NY state Department of Transportation last month and failed inspection".

He said the aim of the investigation was to determine how to prevent such a devastating crash from ever occurring again, and did not rule out that the probe could shed broader insights on the safety of passenger limousines themselves. "Whether or not it would have made a difference here ... remains to be seen", Mr Sumwalt said. Abeling said in an interview from upstate NY where her family was gathered.

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He said some seats remained anchored to the floor during the crash. The front end of the limo was crushed, forcing the engine into the driver compartment, NTSB officials said, describing the substantial "force and energy" required to create such extensive damage.

At no point do any of these stretch limos have to show how they perform in a crash test.

In the wake of the accident, people have begun raising money for the families affected. She identified the victims as Amy and Axel Steenburg, Abby and Adam Jackson, Mary and Rob Dyson, and Allison King.

Mrs Steenburg was also a newly-wed.

Sumwalt said most of the victims were found inside the vehicle following the crash and one or two victims may have been ejected. Jackson was a special education teacher in Amsterdam, said Santabarbara, who represents the part of NY where the crash happened.

"Erin and Shane honestly are both just the life of the room, very up people positive outgoing very involved and very caring about what was going on in other people lives", Erin's cousin, Tyler DeLuca, told WSTM-TV.

"This is an area where we clearly have a gap that needs to be addressed and it's incumbent upon state policy makers and the feds to work together and address this", she said.

Valerie Abeling said her niece, Erin McGowan, 34, and her husband Shane, 30, were among the limo victims. She says all four sisters were killed.

"I have the best fiancee in the whole world", he wrote, adding a kiss-blowing emoji and a heart emoji. Amy and Axel had been married in June and traveled extensively in recent months, according to their Facebook pages. She's mourning the loss of two mothers.

He also said the limo - built by cutting apart a heavy-duty SUV and lengthening it - had been created without federal certification, though NTSB officials said they hadn't yet determined whether the vehicle met federal standards. "They would do anything for you and they were very close to each other and they loved their family", she said.

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Douglas' face grew increasingly somber as she thought of her nieces' three children.

"More accidents than I can count", she said in an email. "Did he know the vehicle?"

Witnesses would later recall the limo blowing past a stop sign and plowing into the parking lot of the Apple Barrel Country Store and Cafe at the bottom of the hill, police said.

"I heard a loud bang".

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN. It went across the road and hit an unoccupied SUV parked at the Apple Barrel Country Store and two pedestrians.

"I feel like it hasn't really sunk in yet". That's because after-market modifications often affect a vehicle's structural integrity and safety.

Tavenner said the New York Department of Transportation outlawed heavy trucks on the hill in recent years because of instances when runaway trucks lost their ability to brake down the steep grade.

"I just wanted to say Axel Steenburg I love you more than words can say!" read the post.

The crash was so catastrophic, it stunned even veteran safety experts.

"Sometimes, people just don't follow the law" that already exists, he said.

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She and her husband Adam left behind two daughters: 4-year-old Archer and 16-month-old Elle.

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