Toyota vehicle fault prompts massive recall

Toyota vehicle fault prompts massive recall

Japanese auto giant Toyota announced on Friday, October 5, that it is recalling more than 2.4 million hybrid cars over a fault that could cause crashes.

The recall applies to some Toyota Prius and Auris hybrids made from October 2008 to November 2014. See the chart below.

"The involved vehicles were created to enter a failsafe driving mode in response to certain hybrid system faults", Toyota said. The company is contacting all known owners of the affected cars; it's also possible to check a vehicle using the license plate or VIN via the Toyota recall database.

The problem identified arises when the cars fail to enter 'failsafe driving mode as intended'.

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The auto giant has offered to update the software of the vehicles for free to fix the issue.

According to Toyota's release, this issue was also addressed in two prior recalls from 2014 and 2015. In isolated cases, the automaker said that the vehicles stalled, although their power steering and brake systems still functioned.

To fix the problem, Toyota will update software in the vehicles.

The vehicle maker said that it was not aware of any crashes due to the issue in Japan.

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In recent years, Toyota has had to recall large numbers of cars for various reasons, including faulty airbags supplied by vehicle parts firm Takata.

As the world's best-selling vehicle brand, our in-depth survey also covers the reliability of Toyota cars.

Some of the cars have already been recalled for a separate drivetrain issue.

"Due to inappropriate programming in the airbag electronic control unit (ECU), a fault may be erroneously detected during vehicle startup which would disable one or more of the sensors used to detect crashes", Toyota said.

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