Charging Problems For Expensive New iPhone XS & XS Max

Charging Problems For Expensive New iPhone XS & XS Max

It appears that Apple has an issue with the iPhone XS and XS Max when it comes to charging.

So if you have an iPhone XS, XS Max, or any iDevice that just updated to iOS 12, it's worth double checking your phone is actually charging when you plug it in.

The post, meanwhile, has received more than a dozen replies from people who also experienced the problem. "But if unplug then lift it and start using it, it will recognize the charger", the user said. If the phone is locked and therefore sleeping, plugging in a Lightning cable can result in no response from the handset.

The iPhone XS Max has crossed the 1 lakh mark in India with its base model priced at Rs 109,900. iPhone XS Max with 256GB and 512GB onboard storage will be available at Rs 124,900 and Rs 144,900 respectively.

Forum users, bloggers and social media users claim that the devices don't charge when the screen is switched off - meaning they can't be left to charge overnight.

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If you've bought a new iPhone in the last couple of years, there's a good chance it has wireless charging.

Benchmark analysis conducted by some websites show iPhone XS Max is super fast and even beats Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in certain tests. The display is not one of them - it is identical to that of the iPhone X in terms of specs, at least.

But one poster from Apple support communities reports that Apple's tech team is aware of the issue.

Once you're appropriately kitted out with apple products, it might be worth investing in an organizer to keep them all in one place.

Yes, the iPhone XS Max is just as huge as my old iPhone 8 Plus, but because it dropped the home button, the new phone requires you reach a digit up to the top right corner.

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It was suggested the technology giant could use a software update to reduce the impact of the new features. What should happen is the display lights up and indicates the battery is being charged.

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max were showcased to the world in mid-September, and later went on sale in certain markets by the end of last month. Also, a solution to this major issue requires a lot of time.

This is in stark contrast to earlier years when demand would be much higher than supplies with Indian shoppers queuing up outside stores to grab the new iPhone.

For an Indian smartphone user, carrying an iPhone has always been a style statement, irrespective of the price.

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