Twitter sounds off after Meghan Markle closes her own door

Twitter sounds off after Meghan Markle closes her own door

Markle, 37, was attending her first solo outing since becoming the Duchess of Sussex when she was seen closing the auto door on her own.

Meghan doesn't just close vehicle doors with her own hands - she waves with them, too!

The Duchess stepped out of her vehicle and greeted a member of staff, before shutting her own auto door.

Last week Markle also parted with protocol by closing her own vehicle door at the launch of a charity cookbook. A twitter user dubbed the documentary as "the Harry and Meghan show".

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Whether they're out on a royal engagement or hanging out with family, Harry is always doting on Meghan and never misses a chance to gush about her.

Her sartorial choices have earned her comparisons with the woman who would have been her mother-in-law, Princess Diana, who also liked to look sharp.

The Duchess of Sussex broke princess protocol when she shut a vehicle door herself during her first solo outing as a royal.

But one royal correspondent tried to bring everyone back to their senses by noting that Meghan had not, in fact, breached any protocol.

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"Current state: Poking my own eyes out after reading Meghan "broke protocol" by shutting her auto door".

"The Duchess of Cambridge will visit the Sayers Croft Trust Forest School and Wildlife Garden at Paddington Recreation Ground on Tuesday 2nd October". Royals generally have someone on hand to open and close doors for them, so Markle's autonomous move raised eyebrows - and sparked questions. And now: closing a auto door. She closes a door - all by herself - we are so impressed we could die.

The Duchess was the guest of honour at the opening of the Royal Academy's Oceania exhibition which featured a large work by a collective of Māori artists.

Other's speculated whether Meghan had taken part in vocal training to help her fit in with her husband's family.

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For one more-frustrated tweeter, widespread news coverage of the door-closing became too much to handle: "The UK is careering off a Brexit cliff edge and that's deemed newsworthy!"

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