Facebook’s long-awaited video chat device could be launched this month

Facebook’s long-awaited video chat device could be launched this month

Amazon added Echo equivalents of stereo components for home sound systems, along with improvements to its online music service.

It still features both Bluetooth and aux output that can be used to hook it up to a bigger speaker. Among the bevy of goodies are brand new versions of existing products including the Echo Dot, Echo Plus and the Echo Show. This product will be shipped on October 11th, 2018. Don't buy this device on its own expecting it to do much - not without other Echo devices.

Rather than using its own voice recognition technology, the device is also rumored to use the same software as the Amazon Alexa.

Equipped with a four microphone combo, Echo Input can listen to you across a room.

The new Echo Dot comes with a fabric side in three colors charcoal, gray, and white.

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Amazon has introduced multi-room music support which will let Alexa-enabled speakers play music in a particular room or around the whole house.

Not satisfied with being built into new cars, Alexa will be able to work in older models with an Echo Auto device that can be affixed to dashboards and reach the internet through smartphones.

Amazon has also announced a Skype app for the device, so you don't have to voice call from the Alexa app now.

The Echo Show previously was not a hot selling device that has led Amazon to refresh the device.

Amazon has launched a slew of new Alexa-powered devices. As such, it should avoid the fate that befell the smart TV integrations.

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Right on line with Hunches, Alexa's Guard feature will alert the people when it hears the sound of a glass breaking or smoke alarms going off.

Soon, you will also be able to friend, follow, and DATE people all in one place thanks to Facebook Dating, at least if you're in Colombia. The microwave works in function with any nearby Echo. Priced at $59.99, the preorder for Amazon Basics Microwave has started already.

To use Alexa on Windows 10, you will have to summon Cortana through a voice command "Cortana, open Alexa". It sits on your dashboard and uses eight microphones to add Alexa to your auto.

The central building block to smart homes of the future will be affordable smart gadgets and appliances -- that's exactly what Amazon appeared to be aiming at by launching 15 new smart home products in a matter of 90 minutes.

The Echo Sub is available by itself if you just want to add bass to your setup. It can be paired with an Echo to create a more robust sound system with powerful bass. They feature multiple wired audio connections for hooking up to a receiver or unpowered speakers, including analog, coax, optical, 3.5mm headphone and subwoofer outputs, and analog, optical and coax inputs, along with an Ethernet port for wired network connectivity.

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Echo Link and Echo Link Amp: The Echo Link comes with a 60W two-channel amplifier and offers both digital and analog connectors. The update will bring more handsfree freedom pants when using their Echo device while cooking. Echo Plus now includes an embedded temperature sensor, so you can set temperature-based routines using other smart home devices. It is now available on preorder at a price of $24.99. Firstly, the AmazonBasics Microwave ($59.99) is a compact countertop microwave that connects to your Echo device and makes cooking easier by integrating the simplicity and convenience of voice.

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