What Does Hurricane Category Mean? Explaining The Numbers Behind The Storms

What Does Hurricane Category Mean? Explaining The Numbers Behind The Storms

GEMA/HS continues to lead our preparedness efforts as we coordinate with federal, state and local officials to provide public shelter and accommodate those evacuating from other states.

Steering currents - around clear-weather high-pressure systems and stormy low-pressure systems - redirect hurricanes, with the clear-weather systems acting as walls that storms have to go around. The storm is huge, the National Hurricane Center says, and its worst effects will reach "a large area regardless of exactly where the center of Florence moves".

But Florence, the Weather Channel reports, is "set to debunk climatology".

Florence is expected to crawl near or along the coast of the Carolinas through Friday.

The Carolinas, Georgia, Virginia, and Maryland all declared a state of emergency ahead of the deadly storm with millions of people evacuating North and SC.

In Shallotte, N.C., a coastal town near the border with SC, emergency orders forced a Waffle House to shut down - an act that was widely seen as a sign of respect for Florence's imposing size and strength. Customers have included police from nearby Myrtle Beach, an employee told Bradley.

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How high the water rises depends on several factors, including the orientation of the storm with the coastline, the storm's intensity, size and speed of the storm, according to NOAA.

An evacuation traffic sign stands along a highway ahead of Hurricane Florence in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, U.S., on Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018.

According to CNN, the category 2 storm will possibly hit as low as Hilton Head Island in SC and make its way up as far as Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina and beyond. Noting the heavy bands on the hurricane's northeast quadrant, he added, "We are on the bad side of this storm". And that's just the prelude to untold days of misery. Other areas, including the cities of Darlington, S.C., to Greenville, N.C., imposed their own curfews, set to begin Thursday night.

Carolina Beach lies on a narrow strip of land in the southern part of North Carolina. The more the Great Lakes one wins, the more southerly Florence will be.

Cramer says they're expecting ocean water to flow over the sand dunes and bring sand into the town.

Long said the danger was not only along the coast.

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More than 1 million people have been ordered to evacuate and authorities urged them to get going before the streets become inundated.

"#Florence is expected to bring a life-threatening storm surge to portions of eastern North & South Carolina, and catastrophic flash flooding and prolonged significant river flooding are likely over portions of the Carolinas and the southern/central Appalachians", the National Hurricane Center said in a Thursday evening tweet forecasting how potentially damaging the storm will be.

"This time it's important".

"I'm not going to lie: I'm scared", she said.

Some Virginian neighbors made a decision to be cooped up with their chickens and other pets as Florence approaches.

Highway Patrol also urged drivers to take caution when on the roads, since flash floods can cause risky conditions without much notice. Stay on guard. This is a powerful storm that can kill.

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