Over 54,000 still without power in Carolinas after Florence

Over 54,000 still without power in Carolinas after Florence

At least 37 people have been killed since Florence made landfall last week, with most the deaths occurring in North Carolina.

"I'm just assuming, based on the depth of the water that we had in North Carolina and the amount of rainfall, that we probably will exceed what we had in Matthew", Commissioner Steve Troxler said in an interview after flying over flooded areas.

As floodwaters continued to rise, concerns grew about environmental and health dangers.

President Donald Trump met with first responders in Conway, South Carolina on Wednesday and warned them of the danger of rising rivers.

Finally, the rain that fell well inland continues to work its way through the region's streams and rivers as it makes its way to the sea.

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Chris Ross has been staying at a shelter since he fled his Fayetteville home about a week ago when the National Guard pulled people out of his neighborhood. According to the National Weather Service, nearly 36 inches (91 centimeters) of rain fell over the city that lies along alongside the Cape Fear River.

An exchange Trump reportedly had on Wednesday during a visit to New Bern, North Carolina, is making the rounds on Twitter, with users accusing the president of being insensitive amid disaster relief efforts. Early farm reports confirm pre-storm worries about losses to tobacco, cotton and corn crops. They have been placed on administrative leave, the sheriff's office said. "Same levee. Same dams". Two Kinston men died during Florence: a 68-year-old electrocuted while trying to connect two extension cords in Florence's torrential rains to power a generator, and a 77-year-old blown to the ground when he went outside to check on his hunting dogs during the storm.

About 25 miles (40 kilometers) nearer to the SC coast, Kevin Tovornik was tearing soggy carpet out of the house he has owned for 20 years in Conway, where the Waccamaw River was still rising.

Cooper's office said Thursday evening that he would issue a proclamation calling the General Assembly into session October 9.

White and Lloyd, who live in the North Carolina town of Kelly, were given little time Thursday night to evacuate when the Cape Fear River came rushing onto their property. By the time they got loaded into their van, water was waist-high and they had to slog through a foul-smelling soup to get to a neighbor's pickup.

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In Conway, South Carolina, authorities said residents could see damage in homes that have not flooded before. "The damage in the northeastern part of our state will be catastrophic, surpassing anything recorded in modern history". McMaster asked Congressional leaders to hurry federal aid.

A swift recuse boat motors through floodwaters in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence in Nichols, S.C., Friday, Sept. 21, 2018. Farmer Craig West said the leaves are about as appealing and saleable as a bunch of bruised bananas, but they can't be harvested anyway because the fields are too soggy after the storm.

"I know for many people this feels like a nightmare that just won't end", North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said. The utility said it could not rule out the possibility that coal ash from a dump adjacent to the plant, which formerly burned coal, might be flowing into the nearby Cape Fear River.

Duke Energy Corp said on Friday that breaches in a cooling lake dam forced it to shut down its natural gas-fired L.V. Sutton plant in North Carolina.

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