Philippines: Homes and incomes top concerns after deadly typhoon

Philippines: Homes and incomes top concerns after deadly typhoon

On Monday, as rescuers scrambled to find the missing, Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu ordered a stop to all small-scale mining operations in the Cordillera region, according to CNN affiliate CNN Philippines.

There, in the mining town of Itogen, more than 34 miners were found buried when a mountain collapsed on a bunkhouse.

About 87,000 people had evacuated from high-risk areas of the Philippines. Itogon Mayor Victorio Palangdan said Monday it was unlikely any of the missing are still alive, although rescuers continued to search.

In Hong Kong, crews cleared fallen trees and other wreckage left from when the financial hub felt the full brunt of the storm Sunday.

"They laughed at our policemen", he said.

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Philippines National Police said that as of today, a further 43 people remained missing and 64 were wounded, as a result of the world's strongest storm of this year.

"I have never seen such a powerful typhoon in my 25-year stint in Hong Kong", Aberdeen Boat Club general manager Philippe de Manny said on Tuesday.

During times of emergencies overseas, UNC works as a command center to coordinate efforts and check in on the safety of each student overseas and also works with host universities and provider programs to provide more resources for students, said Jing Liu, the Asia-Pacific and US program director for the UNC Study overseas Office.

Hong Kong authorities described the damage as "severe and extensive" with more than 300 people injured in Mangkhut which triggered the maximum "T10" typhoon alert.

The death toll climbed to 20 as authorities found the body of a one-year-old boy who was swept away after his mother drove into floodwaters and lost her grip on him while trying to get back to dry land, and an 88-year-old man's vehicle was swept off a road.

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The storm made landfall in mainland China late Sunday, killing four in Guangdong including three hit by falling trees.

The typhoon is already the city's most powerful storm on record and looks set to become its most destructive, after Typhoon Hato left a record $110 million claims bill following its impact previous year.

Outside, she saw the house of her elderly brother, Lauro, who live with his family about two houses away, was buried in the landslide. A lot of them are miners who disregarded repeated warnings to evacuate. However, there were no reported deaths in Hong Kong, a city well prepared for tropical cyclones.

"In this first intervention, our priority is to guarantee water and sanitation to the affected population, and later we will focus on the economic security of the families", said the head of Red Cross' Spain delegation in the Philippines, Luis Carrasco.

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