Trump says he wants to hear from Kavanaugh accuser

Trump says he wants to hear from Kavanaugh accuser

With Kavanaugh's once-safe nomination for a lifetime job on the top USA court now appearing in jeopardy, the conservative federal appeals court judge nominated by President Donald Trump had meetings at the White House earlier on Monday and called he assault allegation "completely false". Ford said she decided it was her "civic responsibility" to come forward, and now a new hearing will take place.

The news, revealed in an interview with the Washington Post, came just four days before the Senate Judiciary Committee's plans for a preliminary vote on Kavanaugh's lifetime appointment to the nation's highest court. Should he order such a review, it would likely delay a confirmation vote until after the election. In those 1991 Supreme Court nomination hearings, Anita Hill accused Thomas, her former boss, of sexual harassment.

The White House appeared eager to resolve the matter quickly.

His accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, has also been invited to testify.

Ms Ford's lawyers said yesterday she would not appear before the Senate until after the FBI investigates the allegations.

"Well, I would let the senators take their course", he said. She added, "One of the things I know is what happens to women in this situation and how hard it is, and I hope people will let her be".

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Earlier on Tuesday, Senator Lindsey Graham, one of the committee's Republicans, said the panel would vote on the nomination next week whether or not Ford testified. But don't be held hostage to the idea that if Kavanaugh doesn't wind up on the court - no matter what he and Ford say next week - it will be curtains for Senate Republicans.

A reporter had asked if Kavanaugh's vote and a potential FBI investigation were helped by the fact that there are other women on the committee.

But the letter provoked protests from committee Republicans, who disputed the claim that Ford had been asked to testify on the same panel as Kavanaugh and insisted that an Federal Bureau of Investigation inquiry was not necessary for Ford to share her "personal knowledge and memory of events".

"We should honour Dr Blasey Ford's wishes and delay this hearing", Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said in a statement to AP. But I just think he is at a level that we rarely see, not only in government, anywhere in life. "And we want to get it over with", Mr Trump said.

Ford skeptics, she said, may be inclined to think, " 'It was such a long time ago, it was two teenagers, it wasn't that serious.' But for each individual victim it's an everyday struggle". She could not be reached for comment Tuesday morning.

Just one day after the accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, revealed her identity to The Washington Post, Ms. Conway on Monday said she had it straight from President Trump that Professor Ford should be allowed her say - and with dignity.

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Donald Trump Jr. responded crassly, sharing a meme about the letter likening it to a love note sent by a elementary schooler. He would fill the seat of Justice Anthony Kennedy, who stepped down from the court in July after 30 years and was conservative but joined liberals on issues such as access to abortion, affirmative action and LGBT rights.

Kavanaugh has had a relatively smooth confirmation track until the allegations against him were reported last week. Trump said he did not meet with his nominee and declined to say whether Kavanaugh had offered to withdraw, dismissing the question as "ridiculous".

Kavanaugh said in a statement on Monday that Ford made "a completely false allegation".

"This is a tried and true Alinskyite tactic that unfortunately Democrats have been getting away with for decades", Barber complains.

Bruno said focusing on the young ages of Kavanaugh and Ford during the alleged assault - Ford was 15 - and the many years that have elapsed misses a larger point.

Katz told CBS that Ford had consumed a beer but was not drunk.

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