Donald Trump to Supporters: If You Don't Vote, I Might Get Impeached

Donald Trump to Supporters: If You Don't Vote, I Might Get Impeached

"You didn't go out to vote that's the only way it could happen", Trump said during a rally.

But after enough time had passed with Linfesty's facial reactions and lack of rapturous applause for the president, Trump's advance team sent out a replacement, removing him his perch directly behind the president.

Positioned just beyond Trump's shoulder - and thus nearly constantly visible throughout the televised event - was Tyler Linfesty, a 17-year-old senior from Billings West High School.

"For a presidential campaign to fail to do even a cursory vetting - the guy was wearing a Democratic Socialists of America sticker, for heaven' sake - is unprecedented", said Ms. Cunningham, whose firm works with Democratic campaigns. The same group of staffers reviewed a photo of the emblem and searched online for more information. So whenever I disagreed with him, you could tell that I disagreed.

It was just the president's latest attempt to use the possibility of his own impeachment to energize his base - and it came as his administration appears to be in an increasing state of chaos.

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He was barred from the Billings rally - but it's unclear at this point whether he's also banned from other functions across the state.

"So, most likely, I will not do that", he said, according to a pool report.

Linfesty didn't expect to become an Internet meme after he was selected for a plum spot directly behind President Trump at the rally.

Linfesty said those were "actual, honest" reactions he had to the President's remarks, adding, "I was not trying to protest".

Thank you for signing up for the 5 Things to Know Newsletter. "She just said to me, 'I'm going to replace you'". I wasn't clapping [when I disagreed with things he said].

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It was then that Linfesty began his crusade for viral fame, acting out incredulous expressions just behind the president's shoulder whenever he made one of his typical outlandish claims, and he gave off a comically confused look, as if to say "whaaaaaat?" "Our economy is good".

He said he wasn't given a reason for being removed from the crowd but the organisers sent someone in to tell him and his friends to leave.

"When I heard the policies, I disagreed with majority", Linfesty said.

Prior to engaging the Republican Committee about reserved seats, Linfesty said he always wondered how genuine the people behind the president were.

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