Trade negotiations between the United States and Canada pass deadline without a deal

Trade negotiations between the United States and Canada pass deadline without a deal

Economist Ben Stein discusses the trade talks between the USA and Canada.

Canadian and United States trade officials failed to come to an agreement by a deadline imposed by President Trump, but both sides said that progress had been made.

"If we don't make a deal on Canada, that's fine", Trump said Friday at an event in Charlotte.

Talks on a new North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the United States have concluded amid reports no deal has been reached.

Talks between the U.S. and Canada about amending the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) have ended for the week with no deal in sight.

The Trudeau government is facing criticism from political rivals for remaining absent from the table during five weeks of summertime, bilateral negotiations between the US and Mexico.

The remark, made off the record in an interview Thursday with Bloomberg News, was reported by The Toronto Star.

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The Toronto Star first reported on the remarks citing remarks it had obtained.

After Trudeau spoke with regional leaders, they appeared to soften their tone in defense of Canada's protected dairy sector, suggesting a compromise may be in the works that would grant the U.S. greater access to the Canadian milk market. Not having a trade agreement with the USA, that's a substantial risk to the Mexican economy.

According to CNBC, Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland, concluded talks with United States officials this afternoon.

USTR chief Robert Lighthizer still plans to send a notice to Congress on Friday of President Donald Trump's intention to sign a deal to replace NAFTA, as the administration has previously indicated, said a person familiar with the matter.

"We've moved into a very intense rhythm of the negotiations, where our officials are working hard preparing issues for some high-level ministerial decisions".

The notification is meant to immediately start the mandatory 90-day countdown before an agreement can be formally signed.

Members of Congress, including many in Trump's own Republican Party, say a deal must include Canada to be approved under a legislative tool that allows a simple yes-or-no vote in Congress.

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Trump also threatened Saturday that if Congress attempted to interfere with these negotiations, he would simply "terminate & we will be far better off". "There have been no concessions by Canada on agriculture", a U.S. Trade Representative's Office spokesperson said Friday in an email. His remarks raised doubts about whether the two countries could quickly reach a deal to keep Canada in the 24-year-old trading bloc, along with the United States and Mexico.

"Bob and I joke sometimes that we could switch chairs we know each other's positions so well".

Trump, according to the Star report, also said he frequently reminds Canada that if necessary he will slap painful tariffs on auto imports. "Canada's going to make a deal at some point", the president told Bloomberg.

"I believe that the Canadian government has put a courageous face on what in effect is, from my point of view, a very unfortunate situation". Freeland planned to be on the call, as did Canada's ambassador to the U.S., David MacNaughton, and Dominic LeBlanc, the federal minister responsible for intergovernmental affairs.

Trump argues Canada's hefty dairy tariffs are hurting US farmers, an important political base for his Republican Party - though his tariff actions against China have virtually eliminated USA soybean sales there.

"And as you know, we are working-unrelated to this (U.S. -Mexico trade deal)-we're working very much with other countries".

The sticking points in the meetings reportedly included Canadian dairy, Canadian rules for media, and how potential future trade disputes between the countries could be resolved.

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