Apple announces September 12 event to unveil new iPhones

Apple announces September 12 event to unveil new iPhones

Apple is expected to introduce the world to three new iPhones with varying degrees of advancements that'll entice us to line up on September 14th for those precious pre-orders.

Apple is indeed expected to unroll a new Apple Watch this year, though reading that much into the sparse invites seems a little speculative.

Apple disclosed on Friday that "a very small percentage" of iPhone 8 smartphones have a "manufacturing defect" that can freeze the screen, make the device restart unexpectedly, or even cause it to not turn on.

The logic board, also known as a motherboard, houses the most critical components of an iPhone, including the CPU and memory chips.

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This suggests 2018 iPhone X models could be the last to tout the feature. The 2018 lineup of Apple iPhones will be unveiled on September 12, exactly a year after Apple revealed there 2017 iPhone lineup. It's safe to assume that more watch faces are in order for the new display.

A new Apple Watch, the Series 4, is also expected to be shown at the event. All the three iPhones might feature upgraded A12 processors, faster LTE, edge-to-edge displays and a Face ID integration. The final iPhone is something in between the two-maybe called the iPhone X Lite-and is rumored to feature a 6.1-inch LCD display instead of the OLED display found in the other two models. Both versions will also have a gold coloring option.

One leaked photo shows off two phones, believed to be the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus (5.8-inch and 6.5-inch handsets respectively).

Apple is offering free repairs, but you have to mail away your phone.

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What's most interesting, however, is the notable hole that appears between the side button and the Digital Crown (which, by the way, have also been improved based on the pictures). The iPhone X, priced from $999, has helped Apple beat Wall Street sales expectations.

Apple's big iPhone reveal event will be held in the new Steve Jobs Theatre at the company's headquarters in Cupertino.

As for the Apple Watch, we're again looking at something that largely does not deviate from the Apple Watch as we know it today.

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