Both Sides Weigh In on New Coal Rules

Both Sides Weigh In on New Coal Rules

The Trump administration on Tuesday (Aug 21) proposed replacing the Clean Power Plan, the centerpiece of former President Barack Obama's regulatory efforts to combat climate change.

It will also result in the release of more soot and smog-forming chemicals that will kill up to 1,400 Americans a year by 2030, EPA documents show.

"President Trump's Affordable Clean Energy is a strong step away from the Obama administration's heavy-handed attitude that Washington knows best", Hyde-Smith said. It will recommend a set of technologies to increase power plant efficiency, which individual states will then use to come up with plans of their own choosing.

Trump will tout his new proposals Tuesday night in West Virginia, where Republicans are vying to wrench a hotly contested Senate seat from Democrat Sen.

Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler signed ACE into effect earlier this week and reported that the rule allows each state to make its own regulations regarding their emission standards for coal-fired plants. "And, together, we won an historic stay from the Supreme Court of the United States - stopping the so-called 'Clean Power Plan'".

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The new plan creates guidelines for states to regulate greenhouse gases. "The levels of acid rain we receive and the amount of ozone pollution we experience is more determined by actions in these upwind states than in NY itself", Horwath said. Indiana Coal Council President Bruce Stevens says more efficient plants often run longer - and that could be a game-changer for Indiana utilities that are planning to shutter their coal plants.

"They are continuing to play to their base and following industry's lead", she said.

In November 2015, a coalition of 25 states, cities and counties intervened in defense of the Clean Power Plan against the challenge in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

"This is another desperate attempt by the Trump Administration to prop up the dirty and obsolete coal industry, but it won't work", he continued.

Scientists say that without extensive study, they can not directly link a single weather event to climate change, but that it is responsible for more intense and more frequent extreme events such as storms, droughts, floods and wildfires.

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Democratic Congressman Frank Pallone of New Jersey cited this summer's wildfires, increasing droughts and coastal flooding as evidence that man-made climate change from burning coal and other fossil fuels is already happening. Critics of that plan said the Obama rules exceeded the EPA's authority under the federal Clean Air Act.

"Businesses need certainty to operate, so every time the administration changes the rules in the middle of the game, it's bad for business. It's a win for America", he said.

Bill Wehrum, administrator for EPA's office of Air and Radiation, acknowledged that the industry "continues to transform in front of our eyes", he told reporters.

One of the key differences between the Trump rule and the Obama one is the lack of pollution goals.

But an impact statement released by the EPA also appeared to indicate that the ACE rule would increase carbon emissions and cost lives.

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