'Total jerk' fan steals game ball off little boy

'Total jerk' fan steals game ball off little boy

A stolen baseball is causing controversy.

Immediately after the vision went to air, the man was mercilessly savaged online for taking the ball away from a child during the Chicago Cubs MLB clash against the St Louis Cardinals at Wrigley Field.

Social media erupted in fury when an older fan sat behind the boy picked up the ball and handed it to a woman sat next to him.

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The Cubs quickly made up for the highway robbery, giving the kid a ball signed by Javier Baez, so all's well that ends well.

Not to worry though: the team tweeted that the boy received not one but two baseballs used in the game. However, the kid did not catch the ball, and it rolled under his seat to the row behind him.

It turns out, what TV cameras didn't show was the same man had given that boy a foul ball earlier in the game, and had given a couple more away to other kids. But the kid now has two baseballs, and one of them is signed, instead of two baseball with both unsigned.

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Kaplan says he spoke to the fan sitting next to the man who got the foul ball. Well, according to David Kaplan of NBC Sports Chicago, the man who was vilified had given the boy a baseball earlier in the game. "The only reason I got involved at all is because the story was so wrong".

"What they didn't see is that our son already had a foul ball".

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