‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Debuts Season 4B Trailer, Teases More ‘TWD’ Crossovers

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Debuts Season 4B Trailer, Teases More ‘TWD’ Crossovers

"It's been nine years of coming here", Lincoln told reporters after what will be his last sojourn to San Diego on behalf of "The Walking Dead".

In this trailer, we see what looks like a hurricane flinging zombies all over the place - while a new character in a wheelchair makes his debut. It was learned last week Rick and Daryl's relationship will be "at an all time low" and more strained than ever following Rick's controversial decision to spare Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), ending the war.

Later, when Lincoln chatted with reporters about his final season at a press conference, he said he wanted to talk to fans first and then the media about his decision because die-hard supporters of the series and the comics have been so inspiring.

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Morton was most recently seen on the big screen as Mary Lou in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, and also plays the role of Margaret Wells in Harlots, now in its second season on Hulu.

I love this show. t means everything to me.

The trailer features a big storm, flying walkers, and some newcomers who are going to "bring very different energies to the show", said Goldberg. This is something I've struggled with since the show began and here we are.

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"I think the best way to honor Rick", she added, "is to tell really honest stories". "But I thought about [leaving] when my kids became less portable".

And even though it is heartbreaking that Andrew Lincoln will be leaving The Walking Dead it's important for fans to remember the years of sacrifice and hard work that Andrew Lincoln and all the cast members have put into creating this show and making it what is now. His discipline, character, and kindness has taught us how to carry on without him.

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has confirmed that The Whisperers will appear in Season 9 of the zombie series.

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