Cher to release album of Abba covers after 'Mamma Mia!'

Cher to release album of Abba covers after 'Mamma Mia!'

Here We Go Again out this week, I have the zeal of the convert. She told the Today Show in the US.

"Mamma Mia!" the musical originated more than 20 years ago and has gone on to have productions around the world with generations of fans still singing and dancing to ABBA songs some 40 years after their release. Fast forward 35 years and they were reunited on the set of the Mamma Mia! sequel, with Cher playing Ruby, the long-lost mother of Streep's character Donna.

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"Because she's lived a much longer life than I have", she added, jokingly referring to the fact that Cher is 72, only three years older than Streep herself.

Stunning! It looks like everyone had an fantastic time, especially Cher and Meryl!

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In a sing-off with The Great Showman, this bittersweet return to the sun-kissed Greek island of Kalokairi comes off second best to the razzle dazzle of Hugh Jackman and his kaleidoscopic circus of melodic misfits.

As for the music, numerous ABBA standards are pulled from the original film to be revisited, like "Mamma Mia, ' 'I Have a Dream, ' and, of course, 'Dancing Queen.' Standouts though include the romanticized reinvention of 'Fernando" for Cher and the ruckus dance number for 'Waterloo, ' of which once you hear, you'll be singing all the way home. She performs ABBA's Fernando in the film with Andy Garcia, who plays hotel manager Fernando Cienfuegos. It turns out her role as the mother of Meryl Streep's Donna and grandmother of Amanda Seyfried's Sophie inspired her to get back in the recording studio, too, as she's now revealed plans for an ABBA covers album. "We're now "besties". The first time we spoke on the phone she called me "babe" and I was just silenced... until I asked her to do it again!".

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Half the film will be taken up in flashback to the life of young Donna, played by Lily James. "It was amusing, it was moving so we said go ahead and here we are".

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