Mexico's 'AMLO' Offers to Reduce Migration in Call with Trump

Mexico's 'AMLO' Offers to Reduce Migration in Call with Trump

But with Trump's inflammatory rhetoric, Canada's retaliatory tariffs against the US and a leftist, anti-establishment Mexican president about to join the fray, there are some who believe any North American Free Trade Agreement talks may be in long-term limbo. Though we must wait and see what type of president AMLO will be in action, the president-elect seems best understood as a pragmatic nationalist who has expressed clearly that he will govern for all Mexicans, rich and poor, seeking a national "reconciliation."

"It's worth cautioning that we still have little clarity on Amlo's economic policies", said Edward Glossop, an economist at Capital Economics.

But Lopez Obrador said he supports reaching a deal on renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement with the United States and Canada.

Lopez Obrador is estimated to have won between 53 and 59 percent of the vote. Both Republican and Democratic opposition is mounting to President Trump's potential nominee.

Conservative Ricardo Anaya is well behind the leftist Lopez Obrador in exit polling made public shortly after voting stations closed Sunday night. A prominent exit poll predicted his party allies were poised to score big victories in congressional races, possibly winning absolute majorities in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. The PRI, which dominated Mexican politics for almost the entire 20th century and recaptured the presidency in 2012, was set to suffer heavy losses not just for the presidency but in other races as well.

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"I think what happens now is Mexico begins to look for signs of what an AMLO presidency means, because we don't know right now", said Shannon O'Neil, senior fellow for Latin America studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.

But in taking that stance for his own support base, AMLO might find a historic opportunity: building bridges with Mexico's southern neighbors, and perhaps also emergent powers such as China.

Supporters of Mexico's Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador are wildly celebrating his apparent overwhelming presidential win even before authorities release official results.

Donald Trump said he believes he will have a good relationship with the new Mexican President. "I desire with all my soul to raise the greatness of our country on high". He said, "The changes will be profound, but in accordance with established order". The quick count had them around 22 percent and 16 percent, respectively.

Both Moody's and Fitch Ratings said any adjustments of the country's risk profiles and debt ratings would depend on how Lopez Obrador's policies are ultimately implemented.

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Speaking to reporters after his win, Lopez Obrador identified corruption as the "principal cause" of inequality and the criminal violence that has bedeviled Mexico for years, and said he would spare no one in his commitment to root it out. He added the private sector would defend recent initiatives, such as an energy reform bill that opened the sector to private investors under President Enrique Pena Nieto, "that have benefited competitiveness". "Eradicating corruption will be the principal mission", he said.

Lopez Obrador also spoke of reducing Mexican immigration to the United States through economic development. He said his transition team will work with the current Finance Ministry to craft the 2019 budget, which is set to include measures to increase some pensions.

From 1996-99 he served as the national president of the PRD, and in 2000, Mr. Obrador was elected as the Mayor of Mexico City.

Mexico's election tribunal says it will ratify the election results by no later than September 6.

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