Twitter Suspends Journalists Sharing Stephen Miller's Personal Phone Number

Twitter Suspends Journalists Sharing Stephen Miller's Personal Phone Number

Shortly after the article was published, left-wing journalists began to share it across Twitter, which resulted in Miller's phone being inundated with aggressive phone calls and texts.

The Times said Tuesday that reporters Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Michael D. Shear interviewed Miller for a story that appeared in print and online last weekend.

Miller - the champion and partial architect of the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy that separated more than 2,000 children from their parents since April and now detains many of them in cages- dined out at Espita Mezcaleria in Washington, DC on Sunday, as protests grew over the policy. So news website Splinter responded Wednesday by publishing his personal phone number, suggesting readers "call him about it".

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Miller is one of the public faces of the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" border policy and defended separating children from their parents, which the White House has since abandoned.

"No nation can have the policy that whole classes of people are immune from immigration law or enforcement", Miller told the Times in the intervie which sparked controversy amid fallout from Trump's child separation policy.

Twitter's terms of service strictly prohibit "doxxing", or publicly posting someone else's personal information such their private phone number, physical address, or email address, without their "express authorization and permission".

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"Today, we temporarily blocked accounts that shared this information until they deleted the Tweet that violated our rules", a Twitter spokesman was quoted as saying.

"Directly linking to that information" also violates Twitter's rules, the microbloggiing site said.

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