New Diablo Game Project In Development, Blizzard Confirms

New Diablo Game Project In Development, Blizzard Confirms

It could be a remake of one of the older Diablo games, a spin-off, a mobile game, or a proper new part in the series.

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Further, the listing for Dungeon Artists seeks candidates with achievements in level design, modeling, texturing, and other aspects of world-building that suggest a ground-up development model, and not simply a remastering of a current title. As Blizzard is skipping E3 2018, as usual, we'll probably have to wait until BlizzCon 2018 for fresh news about the new game.

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This news comes from a job listing on Blizzard's website, which openly acknowledges the company is working on a new, now unannounced, Diablo project. Whether this is a full-blown sequel and Blizzard is working on Diablo 4 or if its another expansion for Diablo 3 in unknown. For now, at least. "Our backgrounds are diverse, but we all share a real passion for what we do" the ad reads. "We believe that if you're looking for a tight-knit crew that celebrates self-expression and embraces collaboration, we might be a phenomenal fit for you".

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Of course, that hasn't stopped some individuals that, even with the prospect of a new Diablo game altogether, still just desperately want to see the game they love on the Switch. It also implies multiple environments and dungeons will be made for the game. Is this new, unannounced project for an expansion or update, or has it been so long that there's no way it could be anything but a new game for the series?

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