These are the AR upgrades reportedly in the pipeline for iOS 12

These are the AR upgrades reportedly in the pipeline for iOS 12

On Monday, June 4, Apple will host its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California.

Plenty of online chatter seems to suggest that there will be no new MacBook Pros or MacBook Air computers announced. It's unknown if they would form the basis of iOS 13 or whether or not Apple could introduce a feature-rich iOS 12 "point" release early in the year.

All of those predictions fall in line with the previous speculation that Apple is planning to use WWDC to introduce new versions of its software platforms, which focus on stability and overall enhancements rather than wild new features and the introduction of more chaos. Apple itself is staying tight-lipped for the time being. It's not yet known whether the firm will unveil any new hardware. Reports suggest a new Digital Health tool for iOS 12 could be showcased, while new features that use AR may also be in the spotlight.

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On the wearables front, expect to hear about new health and fitness features for watchOS; 9to5Mac notes that Apple's recent acquisition of Beddit could see the company add sleep tracking capabilities to the Apple Watch. As before you need an Apple device to watch the WWDC 2018 keynote live.

Ahead of official announcement, today we have got a screenshot of iOS 12 update screen revealing some of its key features and existence of iPhone SE 2, The update screen reads, "iOS introduced a attractive new design theme, new notification, always on display, a new control center, new Animoji for iPhone X and iPhone SE 2 and more".

Until Monday, when ARKit 2.0 is released, no one can tell how Apple's AR multiplayer system works. Nothing has really worked in the long run, and we are in the stage now where screen time is offered as reward for something else.

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We'll find out more in a few hours time but the iPhone isn't the only device that will see some changes.

Siri Update will be competitive with Google's assistant, and Amazon's Alexa.

Whatever be the AppleWWDC 2018 Conference keynote announcement may be, the software updates won't be available for few months.

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Apple is expected to launch new versions for both its Apple Watch and Apple TV operating systems at WWDC, but perhaps reflective of their much smaller user bases, there's not a lot confirmed in terms of what the versions may include.

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