Big cats break out of German zoo

Big cats break out of German zoo

The animals were able to escape due to heavy flooding in the area from thunderstorms the night before that damaged their cages enough to let them out.

Police told The Sun that the animals broke out of the Eifel Zoo, located near the borders of Luxembourg and Belgium.

Local residents were warned to stay indoors after the animals were reported missing.

The other animals were found later on Friday by a drone inside the zoo compound, local media said.

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The Eifel zoo, owned by the Wallpott family, is home to around 400 animals, also including a Siberian tiger.

A large search operation was carried out, involving the fire services, the police and veterinarians, the spokesman said.

It is reported that a river overflowed and wore down fences, allowing the risky animals a way out.

But the mayor of Arzfeld, Andreas Kruppert, told reporters that the lions, tigers and jaguar had in fact never left their enclosures.

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Friday's escape came two years after a similar case in eastern Germany, when two lions broke out of their cages at the Leipzig zoo.

A number of unsafe animals have escaped from a zoo in Germany, according to reports.

Most were found on the grounds of the zoo and returned to their cages.

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