Ukraine Staged Murder of Kremlin Critic Arkady Babchenko

Ukraine Staged Murder of Kremlin Critic Arkady Babchenko

Ukrainian police said yesterday Mr Babchenko, a strong critic of the Kremlin, was shot multiple times in the back and found bleeding there by his wife. He in turn had hired a gunman. "We know some names but I won't name them". "There was no other option".

Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine's president, tweeted praising the efforts of security services and saying the operation had to take place for the safety of Babchenko and his family as Russian Federation was unlikely to back down. "Separately, I want to apologise to my wife for the hell that she has been through".

And Russian investigative journalist Andrei Soldatov, a former colleague of Babchenko, also questioned the value of the operation.

The Russian journalist Yury Saprykin wrote on the independent news site Meduza: "From Babchenko's position, even his Moscow colleagues looked this way: weak, conformist, inclined to endless compromises".

But Moscow, later Wednesday, condemned the staged assassination, the foreign ministry saying "now the true motives are beginning to be revealed for this staging, which is totally obviously yet another anti-Russian provocation".

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Neither Babchenko nor Ukrainian Security Service chief Vasyl Gritsak gave details of the sting operation or how they made his wife believe he was dead.

"Also, I would like to express big thanks to the Security Service of Ukraine for saving my life".

"I am outraged by this horrific act", Mr Desir said in an earlier statement.

Police claimed the would-be assassin has now been seized as a result of the operation, having been ordered to execute experienced war reporter Babchenko for $70,000. "Law enforcement couldn't fail to understand that news of Arkady Babchenko's murder would bring pain to thousands of hearts around the world".

The Russian Foreign Ministry said it was happy Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko had turned out to be alive but said Ukraine had used his story as propaganda.

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Ilya Ponomarev, a former Russian lawmaker who also moved to Ukraine, said Babchenko continued to be threatened after he settled a year ago in Kiev, where he worked as a host for the Crimean Tatar TV station.

"A mindless and tragic mistreatment of public empathy that discredits so many things at once - Ukraine, Russian liberals, journalists".

He reported on Russia sending private military contractors to Syria and the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17 in July 2014 in eastern Ukraine, for which investigators last week held the Russian state responsible. It was not clear if she had been involved in the plot or not.

Mr Babchenko fought in the Russian army in Chechnya, and then became a war reporter for several Russian newspapers. "Olechka, forgive me, but there was no other choice", he said.

The astonishing turn of events brought harsh criticism from Russian Federation and the global media advocacy group Reporters Without Borders.

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Babchenko had been scathingly critical of the Kremlin in recent years. Ukraine is planed 101.

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