Roseanne blames Ambien for tweet; drug maker replies

Roseanne blames Ambien for tweet; drug maker replies

She said that Robert Iger, chief executive of ABC parent Walt Disney Co., called to apologize and told her before it became public that the show was being canceled.

"It's not a new thing, but it is disheartening that in 2018 we're still talking about people that are using that as the punch, right?" said Kelly Norman Ellis, a professor and department chair at Chicago State University.

Jarrett said on MSNBC Tuesday night that she had received a call from Iger prior to the announcement that "Roseanne" had been canceled. Michael Fishman, who has played son D.J. Conner on the series, also took to Twitter, writing, "While I am going to miss being part of the ABC family, I believe that to sit back or remain silent in an attempt to distance myself from the actions/statements of others would unintentionally endorse or placate those statements which I find truly offensive". "I blame myself, not Ambien", she tweeted.

In his own lengthy statement, Fishman wrote, in part, that he was "devastated" for his fellow cast and crew mates who lost their jobs on the show that he said "strived for inclusiveness, with numbers storylines created to reflect inclusiveness".

Finally, Arnold, who married Barr in 1990 and split from her in 1994, concluded, "It has been 24 years, so I don't know that I know who Roseanne is".

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In 1994, Barr said publicly that she had been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder.

"The people who love the show want more of Roseanne's true self, like this Jarrett thing, and less of the fighting with insane moonbat Jackie".

Roseanne patriarch John Goodman has broken his silence days after the recent controversy surrounding his co-star Roseanne Barr and the cancellation of the duo's popular show on ABC. "While all pharmaceutical treatments have side effects, racism is not a known side effect of any Sanofi medication". "The day began by reading her tweet and I was immediately horrified".

In a tweet on Wednesday addressing the cancellation of Roseanne after star Roseanne Barr made a racist comment about former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett, Trump complained that Disney CEO Bob Iger apologized to Jarrett but not to him for whatever he thinks ABC said about him.

Barr originally said she did something "unforgivable", "egregious" and "indefensible", before suggesting the tweets were a result of taking sleeping pills.

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"Roseanne has said herself that she does not want what she says to overshadow the show in any way, and I do hope that she will continue to be thoughtful about what she shares on social media going forward", ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey said in the same article.

Barr was resoundingly condemned Tuesday, including from many who helped make her show successful.

Amid the furor over her comment Barr told supporters on Twitter: "I'm not a racist, just and idiot". Donald Trump Jr. retweeted two of Barr's statements about Soros, although not the remark about Jarrett.

Iger and Jarrett did not immediately respond to requests for comment about Trump's tweet.

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