Stormy's lawyer and The Mooch could get their own TV show

Stormy's lawyer and The Mooch could get their own TV show

A government coverup of the Cohen reports "makes no sense", said Aaron Wolfson, a lawyer who previously oversaw suspicious activity reporting for JPMorgan Chase.

In one of his less-than-savvy moves, Cohen used this same shell company to pay off adult film star Stormy Daniels, who alleged she had an affair with Trump.

The solicitation would be the latest such exchange offered by Cohen to be made public following acknowledgements by US and European companies last week that they paid Cohen, who was Trump's lawyer for about a decade and self-described "fixer" for Trump.

The acting director of the Office of Government Ethics, David Apol, has written to the Justice Department pointing out that he considers Trump's payment to Cohen to be a repayment on a loan.

President Trump has insisted no campaign money was used to reimburse Mr Cohen.

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Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's personal attorney, reportedly lied to Congress concerning the timeline of a Trump Tower building deal with Russian Federation, according to reports from Yahoo News.

The messages about Trump Tower Moscow, which were sent to Russian-born Trump associate Felix Sater, are now in the hands of Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating possible Russian interference in the 2016 USA presidential election.

The payment is under investigation by federal prosecutors in NY.

Mr Cohen, whose records relating to the settlement were seized in an FBI raid last month, is now reportedly under criminal investigation.

The lawsuit casts Avenatti in a harsh light at a time when he has emerged as one of President Donald Trump's chief antagonists in the media. He said he had not been reimbursed by Trump's company or Trump's campaign.

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Cohen appears to have been selling himself based on access he said he could provide to Trump.

But tucked away at the end of the New Yorker piece is an intriguing detail about information filed by other banks which raises key questions about the hush money deals Cohen struck with Daniels and others.

A new bombshell investigation by BuzzFeed News has revealed that President Donald Trump signed a letter of intent to begin building a Trump Tower in Moscow in October 2015 - months after he formally announced his presidential campaign. The disclosure was not included in Trump's 2017 filing.

Cohen spoke to him again at Trump Tower when the two men were outside the meeting between Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Thani and Flynn.

The disclosure shows millions in 2017 income from rents, licences, book and television royalties, company shares, hotel management fees and golf courses, with interests from India to Dubai.

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"That is absolutely equivalent to a criminal referral, particularly because it's the Office of Government Ethics that decides what does or doesn't need to get reported", Noti, who is also former Associate General Counsel for the FEC, said.

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