LeBron James ready for another battle versus Boston

LeBron James ready for another battle versus Boston

The fact that they had no expectations coming into the playoffs makes them a very risky team. I think that he's in a good place mentally because he's seeing and feeling the light at the end of the tunnel of being able to return and being himself. Yes, it's great being me.

"This draft pick that they are about to make is enormous", Windhorst explained.

That's a lesson rattling loudly around the hallways at the 76ers' training complex in Camden these days. It's been that way since Gordon Hayward was injured on opening night of the regular season in Cleveland. The 2018 Eastern Conference Finals will likely add to that.

"We weren't gonna lay down for nobody, no matter who was counting us out". "Actions most times speak louder than words". Jones and Heinsohn went to nine straight Finals and Russell holds the record with 10 consecutive berths, from 1957-66."I do know that this is my eighth straight conference finals and I have an opportunity to play for a championship if I'm able to be successful in this conference finals, so I don't take that for granted", James said. "I feel like I'm the leader". At the moment, he can not or does not.

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Joel Embiid didn't have a bad playoff series by any means. Sheer athletic ability has gotten both of them to this level, and can obscure a great many of their shortcomings and poor habits in the regular season, but that is not where the National Basketball Association hides its championship trophies. "We have to be good all the way around". So, before those those series, Boston had a nice lead. We're doing the same now. So, it exposed us to some degree.

You know what else they say about hindsight?

The Celtics gameplan for Simmons essentially allowed the Celtic wings to play tighter on the Sixers' shooters, forcing them to dribble drive and make decisions. And, of course, the attention limited Simmons' better shots and harassed him into an unacceptable 24 turnovers in the series. Meanwhile, the Celtics have yet to lose a home playoff game this year.

But instead of rehashing how the C's improved their roster by addition this season, let's take a look at how some of their subtractions fared once they were set adrift by the team last summer. I thought Miami was more physical, but the talent wasn't there like Boston has.

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Embiid is a slightly different story. But based on the outlook of the league - only five teams have max-level cap space without making additional moves - it's possible that LeBron could delay a move for another year.

What's more certain is that Stevens will devise a game plan for James and his supporting cast that seeks to confirm his basketball genius. (The Celtics were 1-point favorites; they won 114-112.) A bettor who placed a $100 bet on the Celtics to win the series before it started would have won $325, given that the Celtics were +325 underdogs to win the series.

Despite shooting 32 percent from three-point range against Philadelphia, the star rookie showed his ability to be smart about his shots with his high field goal percentage. He also praised the officials for their work overall in the series. He made fundamental mistakes, partly because he has flawed fundamentals, but he was also gassed. They're really good. They're always in the right spot. "How does he master rehab and prehab and all the things that equal health?" For some of them - Dario Saric, T.J. McConnell and Robert Covington are the only other players among the playoff rotation nearly certain to come back - there are athletic limitations to their development.

They'll have to go through Cleveland once again to get there. Saric and Covington won't become faster.

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