'Deadpool 2' Promo Offers David Beckham an Apology, Several Grand Gestures

'Deadpool 2' Promo Offers David Beckham an Apology, Several Grand Gestures

Deadpool 2 may be keeping movie plot cards close to its crimson-clad chest, but it's maintaining a steady blitz of hilarious promotional content.

David Beckham still isn't over Deadpool's joke about him in the 2016 film. Last year, it was Reynolds mocking a photo of Jackman and fans during his trip to China to promote Logan. "Ryan? Hey buddy, how are you, mate?"

The pair then embrace in a "healing hug" when Deadpool tells him: "Finally, that feels so good, you smell unbelievable, like cinnamon and man hug".

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The critics' first social media reactions to Deadpool 2 are now online, following the initial round of press screenings, and it seems the general consensus is quite positive, with some even hailing this movie as being better than the first one. "It's too much. It's not sexy!"

In the new video, an unamused Beckham watches the scene on repeat at home, as he receives text messages from Deadpool asking for his forgiveness.

Deadpool then appears at his front door to apologise with a glass of milk and cookies only to have the door slammed in his face.

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After apologizing numerous times, David responds that he actually wants an apology for Ryan's films including Green Lantern, R.I.P.D., Selfless and Boltneck. Ever heard Dave Beckham speak?

For at least the third time, Hugh Jackman is involved with promoting Deadpool 2, but whether or not that means Wolverine will make a cameo in the sequel remains to be seen.

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