Gmail Smart Compose will help you type better emails

Gmail Smart Compose will help you type better emails

If you thought Google was done releasing new Gmail features, the company has news for you today. The feature follows up on Smart Reply in Gmail that was introduced previous year. As for Google Photos, a new feature called Suggested Actions helps give contextual shortcut actions to users based on their activity on the app.

Smart Compose, with the help of machine learning, will try to predict what you're about to write in an email and suggest phrases accordingly. Smart Compose's suggested greetings and closings might be handy, though.

Gmail users have had Smart Reply for over a year, but the mail service is getting even smarter.

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You can now send and request money as an attachment in Gmail with Google Pay. Gmail users can send and request money from one of their contacts by tapping the same button they would hit to send an attachment and scrolling down the list. For example, if you're writing an email on a Friday, it may suggest "Have a great weekend!" to end your message.

So what's the next step for Smart Reply?

Smart Compose is more like the predictive text on your smartphone. From there, you should see Smart Compose auto-populate your messages in the not-too-distant future.

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Smart Compose will begin rolling out to consumer Gmail users in the coming weeks and to professional G Suite users in the next few months.

"To get started, make sure you've enabled the new Gmail by going to Settings Try the new Gmail". Google then says to find "Experimental Access" in the "General" settings tab and enable it.

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