Elon Musk goes on Twitter to defend his freakish earnings call behavior

Elon Musk goes on Twitter to defend his freakish earnings call behavior

Musk during the earnings call also said that the Model Y will need to be produced at a new plant, as the Fremont plant was "jammed to the gills" and "crazy packed" with production of the Model 3, Model S and Model Y. Well, to be fair, Musk didn't so much as refuse to answer the question as he mocked the analyst for broaching it in the first place.

Although Musk marked both Sacconaghi and Spak as short sellers, the two actually have hold ratings on Tesla's stock capital. Musk interrupted the analyst and dismissed his question, indicating that "boring" questions are "not cool".

In a freaky conference call, the iconoclastic CEO described concerns about Tesla's capital requirements as "boring" after the company, which also makes solar technology, reported a record loss of $709.6 million, or $4.19 each share, in the first quarter ended March 31.

Wall Street analysts are closely following Tesla's progress as the company works to resolve Model 3 production delays. On Friday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk told his fans that two questioners were analysts simply attempting to justify their short bets against TSLA stock.

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"Excuse me", Musk responded, according to a Bloomberg transcript of the call.

Today, with Tesla's stock price having plummeted then gradually regained its momentum, Musk is defiant. The cash burn could put pressure on the company to borrow more or sell additional shares to raise more cash.

Sacconaghi has a US$265 price target on the stock, while Spak sees the shares falling to US$280.

Elon Musk, the Tesla Chief Executive stated his high production objective of rolling out 6,000 cars per week by the end of June as per a leaked email to his employee, by running its Freemont, California factory round the clock, with more of overtimes and employee recruitment.

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Next, Musk was asked many questions by Galileo Russell, a 25-year-old retail investor, and owner of a YouTube Channel.

Wall Street weighed in by putting a halt to its recent hammering of Tesla - its shares rose more than 1 percent in morning trade.

The Model Y will be the new entry level model of Tesla after its launch and it is based on the same platform of Model 3.

Sacconaghi, one of the rebuffed analysts, wrote: "We do worry that such theatrics will unnecessarily undermine investor confidence in Tesla's outlook".

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