WhatsApp raises minimum user age to 16 ahead of GDPR

WhatsApp raises minimum user age to 16 ahead of GDPR

Facebook-owned WhatsApp would be asking European users to confirm they are at least sixteen years in age when they are alerted to accept the new terms of service and an updated privacy policy in the coming weeks' time. Facebook publicly announced the new policies and the fact that it has established an entity in the European Union but it only slipped into its ToS the fact that, from next month, European Union users must be aged 16 or older to use the service.

However, WhatsApp messenger, which according to the Facebook official information had over 1.5 billion users in January, confirmed that they would not ask for the right to collecting personal data. Our goal is simply to explain how we use and protect the limited information we have about you.

WhatsApp is banning people under the age of 16 years from using its messaging service in the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe.

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The new rules formulated by WhatsApp is also in accordance with new data privacy rules that is slated to come into effect in Europe starting May 25.

"Whilst companies have made general improvements in their preparations for EU General Data Protection Regulation, the survey suggests that most will not be fully compliant with the regulation when it comes into force", said Mark Hickman, Chief Operating Officer at WinMagic.

The chief executive of Childnet International - a charity that is a member of Facebook's Safety Advisory Board - said he thought the firm had more work to do to communicate the change.

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While the laws are only in the EU, Twitter says that the privacy settings and privacy policy update applies worldwide.

In the example of apps like Instagram and WhatsApp, both companies have announced tools which will allow you to download all the data that they have collected on you.

Under the law, children must be 16 years of age in order to give consent for their personal data to be processed. If they can't get permission, then see a restricted and non-personalised version of the site. WhatsApp says the age-restriction for other countries around the world will remain at 13-years-of-age.

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The broadcaster adds that some other tech companies, including Apple, will give all of their users, regardless of where they live, the same data rights. Seeing the WhatsApp notes that in the coming weeks all users will be able to request to export all of their account information and settings.

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