Big Changes Hit Gmail Today - Here's All The New Features

Big Changes Hit Gmail Today - Here's All The New Features

We've known for a little while that Google was planning a major overhaul of Gmail - complete with a host of new features - and now the big day has arrived.

Google will also be adding a new confidential mode to their web-app. The panel allows you to copy or paste content from Gmail into other apps, or just quickly jot down a note or add a task. The latest update to Gmail brings Smart reply time-saving feature to the Web version. "The users will need to visit the Gmail webpage and then they simply need to click on the cog wheel and then click on the 'Try the New Gmail" option. Notwithstanding, the choice wasn't accessible for us right now, so the take-off is by all accounts slower than anticipated.

The upshot of doing it this way means Google has been able to build some other clever functionality on top: These emails can now be set to expire, or you can revoke access to its contents (effectively the recipient is viewing the contents on a space that you control).

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Tasks is the go-to productivity app for millions of G Suite users, but it has been lacking proper mobile support.

Slightly less excitingly, Google will also be increasing the size of the banners it puts on top of dodgy emails warning of phishing attempts and the like, to really hammer home to users that they shouldn't click the links within. High-priority notifications will help users get notified about important mail threads and email addresses without filtering through the lot. Gmail will also "nudge" you with reminders to reply to an email in case you may have forgotten about it. New offline capabilities on the web app will let you work without interruption if Wi-Fi is scarce. You can edit and even add new events right from the inbox.

Smart Reply has changed the way people use Gmail, with tons of context-sensitive message options like "Got it" or "I'm busy" to be sent with a single tap.

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Extra-secure messages. A two-factor authentication feature for Confidential Mode messages, which you can enable on a per-message basis, will require your receipient to receive a code via text message and enter it before opening your missive. The new web version of Gmail has been created to look a lot more like the mobile app versions, as Google looks to adopt a consistent design language across platforms. "'Nudges" is another new feature which accompanies this new Gmail upgrade. The feature suggests one-tap responses by scanning your emails and guessing how you might want to respond. G Suite business customers can be among the first to use the new Gmail by opting in to Google's Early Adopter Program and personal users can switch over through the settings tab. You can even search through up to 90 days of messages, thanks to local caching.

It's worth pointing out that many standard Gmail features aren't going anywhere.

As we spotted in Google Play services on Monday, this menu makes use of an oval-shaped indicator to highlight what list you are now on.

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