Israel on High Alert for Direct Iranian Attack

Israel on High Alert for Direct Iranian Attack

The premier's remarks at a Memorial Day ceremony on Wednesday come amid rising tensions between Israel and Iran over an alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria last week that left at least four Iranian military personnel dead.

Trump and Netanyahu spoke about Syria earlier this month in a phone call which, according to two unnamed US officials "grew tense" over Israeli concerns that a USA withdrawal from Syria will allow Iran to increase its influence there. Israel's downing of an armed drone, its loss of an F-16 fighter jet - the first such loss in years - and its strike on Iranian targets in Syria are only part of the challenge that confronts the United States in particular.

The IDF reportedly believe an attack by the Iranian army will be launched from one of the bases they control in allied Syria - and have warned Tehran against any action. "But it's very risky because Israel could end up going to war with Russian Federation".

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Obama and Trump both made it a priority to defeat Islamic State, but Trump wants to contain Iran simultaneously, Doran said. "We have to take into consideration that we are descending into a direct conflict with Iran". Hezbollah's warnings reflect the point of view of Tehran and are a forewarning to Israel.

In an unusual move, Iran's state-run media admitted that seven of its "soldiers" were killed in the April 9 strike. However, many major US news outlets have failed to provide readers with the update.

Neither Velayati nor Qassemi mentioned that Israel allegedly struck the T-4 airbase near Homs after it was brazenly used by Iran to send an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) into Israeli territory in February before it was quickly shot down by the Israeli military. And as the military source also noted, "This is the first time we saw Iran do something against Israel - not by proxy". Clearly, Israel can not afford Syria turning into another base of operation serving Iranian strategic plans against Israel. Hezbollah would certainly retaliate on behalf of Iran, and the Iranians would certainly fire a missile barrage at Israel as well.

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This is while the airport is located in the Iranian capital, thousands of kilometers away from Syria. Whether Israel's vaunted missile defense system could cope with missile attacks on two fronts is open to question.

Noting the relationships he has built in recent years - such as in Latin American, Africa and Asia - Netanyahu said he is amazed at the appreciation and admiration world leaders have for Israel.

An even worse outcome would be a preemptive strike on Israel by Hezbollah and the Iranians, in coordination with Hamas, with Moscow's support. The Syrian Kurds are closely allied with the U.S. Yet Turkey regards them as terrorists and fears they are working with Turkey's own restive Kurds.

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The Iran-Israel war of words about Syria, therefore, is played out as carefully as a game of chess.

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