These Classic Sega Games Are Coming To Nintendo Switch

These Classic Sega Games Are Coming To Nintendo Switch

It's great to see Sega systems getting so much love, especially on the Switch, but we've still got so many questions about what all the series will entail. The Switch versions will be developed by M2, who also programmed the Sega 3D Classics for 3DS.

Sega says that the tentatively-named Mega Drive Mini is being released in conjunction with the console's 30th anniversary, and that it will carry a number of classic games. If customers could expand the gaming library that comes with the machine with actual physical games bought from vehicle boot sales and retro gaming stores, that'd be a huge ace up Sega's sleeve that Nintendo doesn't now offer with its retro consoles.

Sega Ages for Nintendo Switch will be released starting this summer. However, success didn't last and Sega dipped out of the hardware manufacturing business in the early 2000s after its Dreamcast console failed.

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Sega has revealed this week at the Sega FES 2018 that the Mega Drive Mini is now underway. The console will come pre-loaded with a selection of older games, though we don't have a final list yet.

The collection, which is being developed by Studio M2, will include 15 classic games.

The biggest announcement so far has been the introduction of the SEGA MegaDrive Mini.

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Whether it will be released outside of Japan is not known at this time.

However, a translation of a Japanese article on forum ResetEra reveals that an Alex Kidd game (it's not clear which one) will also be included, along with arcade game Gain Ground.

Representatives for Sega told Business Insider that more details were coming about a global release for the console, and to "stay tuned".

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