Two finalists selected for South Glens Falls school superintendent

Two finalists selected for South Glens Falls school superintendent

He will attend the board meeting in the evening today and will potentially start in June.

Jeff Kelling, current principal at Commodore Perry, grades seven through 12, will be taking Tokar's place as principal. Borrelli said he was hopeful that hiring Frost would remove a "huge hurdle" for the district and ensure progress for students.

The move to promote Tokar was made in preparation for Ferrara's retirement, something that was not unexpected five years ago when Ferrara was hired.

It's no longer a hypothetical. Board President Maribel Toure left the meeting before the vote. He has also worked as a teacher, counsellor and vice-principal at Charles Hays Secondary School. "We have significant facility needs across our district, from new structures to improving infrastructure on aging buildings, that must be addressed".

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Lee/Lenox Chief Administrative Officer Christopher Ketchen has said he believes the town can afford the 3 percent hike.

The route Flynn and Meggen Sande took was "out of the ordinary", Carpenter said, but he doesn't know if any open meetings laws were violated. "I really enjoy what I'm doing, but it's time to pass the torch in a positive way".

The finalists are Glen Huot, superintendent of the Stamford Central School District; and Kristine Orr, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction at South Glens Falls. Conflicts with the county swiftly emerged, particularly over the question of whether the new system could begin operations in the 2018-19 school year, or should wait until the 2019-20 year.

Uptmor came up first to the stage area.

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"That trend's going to continue through the middle schools eventually and eventually through the high school", he said. That committee consisted of administrators, staff and residents.

"You came in at a time where things were a little bit hard", Webber said. "We've had a longstanding relationship, a productive relationship with [owner Rusty Thompson] and his team".

Oregon School Boards Association employee Steve Kelley has been a significant part of the process in the last number of months. Despite rumors that NTI days could "go away", Stewart said legislation is simply trying to regulate and streamline the program across the state.

Headteacher Claire Wilson said: "I have been leading on Achievement for All since 2013 and I can not speak highly enough of the programme". Until we get one hundred percent of those kids doing that, our job is not done. "I don't like a large district".

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"As far as the rumor you're hearing that I am taking PTO the rest of year, that is not true", Nybladh said last week before saying Saturday he would use paid leave to take the rest of the year off "because of all of the controversy" surrounding the verbal confrontation.

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