The enormous sum Facebook pays for Mark Zuckerberg's personal security

The enormous sum Facebook pays for Mark Zuckerberg's personal security

Facebook shares closed 0.19% higher at $164.83, Monday.

Lawmakers also got Zuckerberg to acknowledge that government regulation of Facebook and other internet companies is "inevitable", although he was vague about what kind of rules he believes are needed or what he would support.

Governments can of course act to rein in Facebook's behavior, and last week's congressional hearings are an indication that US authorities are beginning to follow in the footsteps of their peers in the European Union, whose General Data Protection Regulation takes effect in May.

The way in which Facebook gets and tracks non-user data is primarily through online advertising.

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"Going forward, we're going to address this by verifying the identity of every single advertiser who's running political or issue-oriented ads to make it so that foreign actors or people trying to spoof their identity or say that they're someone that they're not can not run political ads or run large pages", said Zuckerberg during his Congressional testimony. Facebook, which pushed for the cases to be considered individually instead of as a class-action lawsuit, is reviewing the ruling.

"I don't want to vote to have to regulate Facebook, but by God I will", Senator John Kennedy (R), from Louisiana, said in the hearing Wednesday. This possibility was not lost on Donato, who stated in his ruling that damages could "amount to billions of dollars". It also stores some data on non-Facebook users too.

Joining Facebook is, obviously, much easier than arranging a skydiving trip. Facebook also lets users tweak their ad preferences with the option of opting out of the target and interest-based ads for better control. "It's about beginning to question the types of information they have about you, beginning to question the transparency of the data that you share across all platforms, not just Facebook".

If you want to strap a parachute to your body and throw yourself out of a plane, you have to do some paperwork first.

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One of the more troubling aspects of the scandal is that Facebook couldn't even determine how many users had their data accessed and where they were located. If it finds they're doing anything Improper, Mark said they will ban them from Facebook. This highlighting that Facebook hadn't been typically taking user data and privacy seriously and in fact had no idea what their duties were regarding user data. The better their demographic knowledge of you, the better to personalize ads sent to you. "You know how many points of data that Facebook has on the average non-Facebook-user?" Collecting data about users from other sites.

These leaks confirmed the many fears most of us have on what Facebook actually does with the data it collects from users.

But the big increase did come the same year Zuckerberg made it a goal to "have visited and met people in every state in the the end of the year", the latest iteration of Zuckerberg's annual "personal challenges", which have included learning Mandarin or running a mile each day.

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