PM visits Team Solomon at Commonwealth Games

PM visits Team Solomon at Commonwealth Games

"We got that wrong" he added.

In a statement, the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games organising committee acknowledged it had made a mistake and emphasised the good intentions of the event's creative team.

Fans also blasted Channel Seven for showing reality cooking program, My Kitchen Rules, instead of the massive finale of the 11-day event.

She said she noticed a number of athletes started leaving the stadium once "the formalities started happening".

AUSTRALIAN basketballer Angus Brandt has revealed athletes had no idea what was going on at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony before finally realising they had been brought in before the event began.

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"We wanted athletes to be part of and enjoy the Closing Ceremony".

"Their life stories illustrate the power of dedication and a never-say-die attitude that made them overcome countless hurdles to attain the heights of success they did at the CWG", he said. "We got that wrong", Mr Beattie admitted on Twitter.

"It was driven by the right reasons and concerns about the welfare of athletes, but they should have been involved". The next edition of the Commonwealth Games in 2022, will be hosted in Birmingham, England, from July 27 to August 7.

The 2018 Commonwealth Games came to and with dramatic victories in Netball and Rugby against this year's hosts, Australia.

Channel Seven hosts Johanna Griggs and Basil Zempilas expressed their frustration following the two-and-a-half hour ceremony, which did not feature the athletes entering the stadium to the traditional chorus of cheers.

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"I've never been in a stadium or a Games like that where there are so many people cheering for you and rooting for you", LePage said after his medal win. I'm furious - [it's] actually wrecking a tradition that is so important.

"I'm sad that the entertainment and the show that was put together got lost in everything that happened with the broadcast and the athletes".

"I am sure there are plenty of athletes and parents of athletes from all around the Commonwealth who would have loved to see their guys coming into the stadium and Peter Beattie saying they did get it wrong and, yeah, they did mate", Fearnley said.

Australian media slammed the decision, noting it denied viewers the chance to see para-sport star Kurt Fearnley carrying the Australian flag into the venue.

Like the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony too was set on the theme of "inclusion, equality and celebrating youth", once again liberally picking up symbols connecting the ancient and modern Australia as the competitors from 71 countries and officials were sent off with the Commonwealth Games Federation's message of friendship ringing in their ears.

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The ceremony was also criticised for "self indulgent" speeches by dignitaries.

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