Uber India Unveils Upgraded App for Drivers, Taking Their Feedback

Uber India Unveils Upgraded App for Drivers, Taking Their Feedback

Uber chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi revealed the plans during a visit to Washington where he said the ride-hailing pioneer would seek a more diversified model that offers users various transport options including auto rentals on a partner peer-to-peer service.

Present in over 40 communities in Canada, Uber has revolutionized transportation and offers more than 50,000 Canadian driver-partners a new way to earn income in their spare time by offering an affordable transportation alternative to hundreds of thousands of riders across the country.

Uber is moving way beyond just ordering a vehicle.

It's part of an aggressive push Uber is making to position itself as a general mobility platform, rather than the simple ride-hailing app that propelled it into a $70 billion commodity.

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Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi unveiled Monday that the two companies have reached a deal.

So Uber is looking for new ways where it can expand and wean people off owning cars.

And Uber is now testing rental cars through peer-to-peer car-sharing service Getaround in San Francisco.

Khosrowshahi also announced products aimed at urban planners and city officials. Except instead of hopping into the back seat with a driver at the wheel, you're renting someone's vehicle for a short amount of time. Last June, San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera released information for the first time about the number of Uber and Lyft drivers estimated that 45,000 are working in the city. "If this goes on, you'll simply have gridlock".

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"For many people, getting around their city is already a multimodal affair, and this partnership will let riders seamlessly combine public transit with other transportation options like ride sharing, no matter where they need to go", Uber said. You'll be able to get an Uber.

Uber announced plans Wednesday to add mass transit, bike-sharing and other options to its mobile app, as it unveiled a vision for urban transportation integrating options in addition to ridesharing.

You'll soon be able to rent cars, electric bicycles, and book trips on public transport using only the Uber app.

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