Hungary election 2018 RESULTS: When do the election results come out today?

Hungary election 2018 RESULTS: When do the election results come out today?

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban easily won a third consecutive term Sunday and his Fidesz party was poised to regain its super majority in parliament, according to preliminary results from the country's election.

Before the vote, Mr Orban and his Fidesz party were polling at 20 points or more ahead of the far-right Jobbik party and the centre-left Socialists.

In all, 199 seats in parliament are up for grabs.

Attention is focused on how much support the opposition bloc can win. The outcome could affect the unity of the European Union.

Long lines of voters were reported also at the Hungarian embassies in London and Paris.

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Who are the opposition parties?

Voters in Hungary are going to the polls in a general election on Sunday. That was the highest turnout figure for that hour since at least 1998.

Orban's main challengers are Gabor Vona's nationalist Jobbik party and a left-wing alliance of the Socialist and Dialogue parties led by Gergely Karacsony.

Rivals say that leaves open the possibility of an upset and are urging voters to turn out in record numbers.

However Mr Orban's hard line anti-immigrant policies have so far proven to be a strong support base for his electorate.

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Rebranding itself as a moderate "conservative people's party", its leader Gabor Vona has called for a change in government and railed against Mr Orban. In 2014, the participation rate at the end of the day was 61.24 percent. "But this is not the time to sit back", Vona said after voting his home city of Gyonygyos in northern Hungary.

Another woman said: "I have voted for change, because as a Hungarian I want to live in Europe". Steps included passing a new constitution over opposition protests, a crackdown on civil society groups, stacking state institutions with party loyalists and using the government's power to dominate media.

On, a formerly independent website now owned by government allies, stories promoted Orban while also focusing on migration with headlines like "Migrant gangs fought in England", "They can't stand it anymore in Sweden: They've had enough of migrants", and "A migrant in underpants beat a German retiree half to death".

But he's unlikely to repeat the landslide wins of the past two elections as a resurgent - if still divided - opposition has sought to capitalize on widespread claims of cronyism and intimidation. Vona said the question was not about migration into Hungary but about the large number of Hungarians who were leaving the country and heading to Western Europe in search of higher wages and better prospects.

"Even if the majority of my countrymen decides to head towards Asia, I will still live as a Hungarian in Europe - worst case scenario I will reluctantly change my country of residence".

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Uncertainties about Orban's expected margin of victory are due in part to Hungary's complex electoral system, in which voters cast ballots for both an individual candidate in their region and another for a party list. But he added that since all parties, including Fidesz, had mobilised intensively, it did not necessarily mean Orban was threatened with defeat.

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