'Condom challenge' is the latest, risky fad among teens

'Condom challenge' is the latest, risky fad among teens

The latest social media craze entails teens making videos of themselves snorting condoms into their nostrils and pulling them out through their mouths.

The trend isn't new - the first example of the condom challenge is from 2012- but it appears to be experiencing a resurgence.

It's been around for years, but another social media challenge is catching fire.

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Although the videos of teens attempting this challenge are being removed from social media when they are discovered, more continue to crop up nearly daily.

'As graphic as it is, we have to show parents because teens are going online looking for challenges and recreating them.

Teenagers have moved on to snorting condoms rather than eating tide pods, according to a Fox News Monday report. In a column titled "Condom Snorting Challenge: Why You Should Not Inhale Condoms". "The condom could easily get stuck in your nose or your throat, blocking your breathing or causing you to choke", Lee wrote.

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In 2015, a different condom challenge took off on the internet, as people tried to break water-filled condoms over others' heads, the New York Daily News reported.

He also said the condoms could cause allergic reactions and result in infections.

Forbes cites two cases reviewed in medical journals in which women accidentally swallowed condoms, developing ailments ranging from pneumonia to appendicitis. In America the "challenge" dates back to at least 2007, when a YouTuber uploaded herself snorting a condom, but YouTube pulled the video for containing "harmful or unsafe content". In 2014, a teenager intentionally inhaled the prophylactic, according to data from the American Association of Poison Control Centers.

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Much like people know in their hearts that they shouldn't eat Tide Pods or inhale copious amounts of cinnamon, people must realize that snorting condoms is a awful idea.

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