Trump to host Saudi Crown Prince

Trump to host Saudi Crown Prince

The most cynical accounts of the anti-corruption crackdown argue that Saudi government may or may not be less corrupt and inefficient now, but Prince Mohammed unquestionably commands a great deal more money than he used to, while his most risky rivals are either fearfully subdued or actively under surveillance.

The powerful crown prince, who has consolidated his grip on various sectors in Saudi Arabia since his appointment last June, is overseeing the kingdom's plan to sell under 5% of the state-owned oil giant. Most detainees have been released but witnesses say they are not really free, living in fear and uncertainty.

The newspaper interviewed relatives, advisers, associates of the detainees, as well as Saudi officials, who denied the allegations.

One former detainee, forced to wear a tracking device, has sunk into depression as his business collapses.

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The report alleges al-Qahtani's "neck was twisted unnaturally as though it had been broken" and his body also had burn marks, which were believed to be a result of electric shocks.

Speaking to Sky Press Agency, the source said, "the Saudi crown prince will sign a number of strategic agreements between Baghdad and Riyadh in the economic and investment fields".

"I would guess it is about evens that there will be no global IPO", one high-level source said, according to the agency.

The members of King Abdullah's family are seen as rivals of Crown Prince Mohammed and his father, King Salman.

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On Sunday, the king called for the creation of the new bodies that are meant to "increase effectiveness" and accelerate the process of combating corruption, Attorney General Sheikh Saud al-Mojeb said in an information ministry statement.

In November, Gen. Qahtani was taken to an elite hospital near the hotel for radiological scans and other treatment, where he showed signs of having been beaten, according to a doctor briefed on his condition.

Even Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, one of the world's wealthiest men, was locked up at the Ritz, according to the newspaper.

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