Firefighter Killed In Helicopter Crash Has Colorado Ties

Firefighter Killed In Helicopter Crash Has Colorado Ties

The official was briefed on the investigation but was not authorized to speak publicly about it and spoke Monday on condition of anonymity.

Only the pilot, Richard Vance, survived, and he told officials he believes a passenger's bag may have inadvertently hit the emergency fuel shut off button.

The audio revealed that the helicopter was upside down in the water as rescue boats arrived at the scene. Police and fire divers entered the water to retrieve the passengers from the submerged helicopter.

Sunday's crash killed all five passengers.

The pilot was rescued by a tugboat, but emergency divers had to remove the passengers from tight safety harnesses while they were upside down, Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said.

New York's U.S. Sen.

The Eurocopter AS350 helicopter went down about 7 the water near New York's mayoral residence.

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The FAA hasn't commented on Schumer's suggestion.

Liberty said in a statement that it was focused on supporting victims' families and cooperating with federal authorities.

Media sources are reporting that one of the victims of the NY helicopter crash, 29-year-old Tristan Hill, is from Reno.

Until recently, Cadigan had worked as an intern with the news site Business Insider, which in a statement described him as a "smart, talented, and ambitious young journalist". It ended a few weeks ago. Another witness said that one person was seen being pulled from the water onto a raft. Cadigan got a degree in journalism from Southern Methodist University while his friend went into firefighting.

Robb said the NTSB would then release a preliminary report, and a probable-cause accident report would follow detailing what happened during the crash. In a recording to LaGuardia Airport, the pilot could be heard shouting, "Mayday, mayday, mayday". All five passengers died.

He is the sole survivor of the crash in the East River.

Those killed were identified as Daniel Thompson, 34; Tristan Hill, 29; Carla Vallejos Blanco, 29; Brian McDaniel, 26; and Trevor Cadigan, 26.

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Two of the victims were pronounced dead at the scene, while the other three died later after being transported to nearby hospitals.

It was a day of mourning at Dallas Fire Rescue Station 36.

The skies over NY constantly buzz with helicopters carrying tourists, businesspeople, traffic reporters, medical teams, and others.

The National Transportation Safety Board dispatched investigators on Monday.

Vance freed himself from the wreckage and was later discharged from a hospital.

The helicopter's six emergency floats inflated, but Dinh-Zarr said investigators would look at whether there were any problems with those devices or the harnesses available to passengers on a chopper that was legally allowed to fly with its doors open. The company offers both private charters and sightseeing tours for tourists.

All five passengers aboard a helicopter that crashed into New York City's East River were confirmed dead early Monday morning by an NYPD spokesman.

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Additional "mayday" calls indicated that engine failure was the cause of the crash, according to the Associated Press.

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