Hearthstone Witchwood Expansion Announced, Adds 135 New Cards

Hearthstone Witchwood Expansion Announced, Adds 135 New Cards

It sounds like Witchwood could be the most intriguing addition to the Hearthstone world to date, especially with the new mode and the stack of new cards coming our way.

Notable additions to the set include cards which sort of behave like flip cards do in Magic, Worgen cards can shift their attack and health each time they're in your hand. For Echo, players will be able to play multiple of the same card if they have the Echo keyword, and the mana too.

135 new cards will be released, complete with some uncanny new gameplay mechanics.

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As for the cards within Hearthstone's The Witchwood expansion, players will have to wait.

With hundreds of cards to choose from, featuring a wide range of colorful Warcraft spells, weapons, and characters, players will have limitless possibilities for developing and fine-tuning their deck-building strategies. Blizzard has released a wacky Blair Witch-inspired trailer for The Witchwood, which includes an introduction to six of the new cards (Azalina Soulthief, Genn Greymane, Baku the Mooneater, Phantom Militia, Pumpkin Peasant, and Militia Commander).

To help them survive the night, players can draw on an arsenal of new tricks, including the eerie new Echo keyword.

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Echo, which makes it so that the card will cast itself over and over again until you run out of mana. "Similar to the Dungeon Run mode from Kobolds & Catacombs, players will defeat bosses and collect their bounties to build a deck that will keep them alive as they venture deeper and deeper into The Witchwood", says Blizzard.

Even more exciting than new keywords is the introduction of the all-new single-player Monster Hunt game mode. To follow this theme, at least one of the new cards will change in your hand every turn. However, Rush cards can only attack minions on the turn they're dropped, not the enemy hero. However, if your deck only contains odd-Cost cards, it will upgrade your Hero Power.

The Witchwood is now available for pre-purchase on Blizzard's store for $49.99 and comes with 70 decks filled with new cards. This one-time-only bundle is available on any platform for $49.99 (one purchase per account).

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