90th Oscars awards show draws record-low audience

90th Oscars awards show draws record-low audience

Two days after the show aired, Trump tweeted, "Lowest rated Oscars in HISTORY".

The dip of almost 20 per cent from past year put it under the previous low of 32 million in 2008, which came following an 11-week Hollywood writers' strike that crippled other awards shows.

Donald Trump has come up against a number of famous showbiz names at awards events in the past - particularly during last year's award cycle shortly after he had been elected.

Trump tweeted Tuesday: "Lowest rated Oscars in HISTORY".

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Numerous show's most powerful moments came in between the awards. In January of a year ago, as president-elect, Trump called Meryl Streep "one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood", after Streep criticized Trump in a speech at the Golden Globes. His obsession was TV ratings is well-documented, considering his stint on reality TV.

Not even Helen Mirren and a Jetski promise could halt the slump in Oscar ratings.

The 90th Oscars went off without any major scandal, which meant host Jimmy Kimmel was free to prank unsuspecting audiences.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences tried as much as it could to keep ratings from falling, at the same time highlighting movies that have not been widely watched. On the flip side, this year's Best Picture, The Shape of Water, has only raked in $57 million since its December 1 opening.

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"The Academy kicked him out and after they did I was curious so I looked it up, the only other person to be expelled was a character actor called Carmine Caridi, in 2004, who was kicked out for sharing screeners".

"There were a lot of great nominees but Harvey deserved it the most".

Trump was among many other conservative commentators to slam this year's Oscars. But privately executives said they are hoping that more popular films can get nominated in the future.

There are many real "stars" who are not only extremely talented but also reforming the film industry by breaking down cultural barriers for marginalized groups - something Trump has never done in his political or entertainment career.

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