Publication of Net Neutrality Rule Prompts Challenge by 24 States

Publication of Net Neutrality Rule Prompts Challenge by 24 States

There is also the fact that people living in states which have chosen not to create any net neutrality laws would still face the consequences of the FCC's ruling. "It failed to listen to their concerns and gave short shrift to their deeply held belief that internet openness should remain law of the land". I am both disappointed and hopeful.

And now, a new fight can begin to save the rules that prohibit internet service providers from slowing websites or charging premiums for "fast lanes" for specific services or higher-quality streaming.

Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel added that the agency "is on the wrong side of history and the wrong side of the law".

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Clyburn, who voted against the repeal, called the decision "one more anti-consumer notch of this FCC's belt". Current FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said those rules were too "heavy handed".

"Nobody should be able to influence what videos you watch, which sites you read and which services you use, but the Trump FCC's action will take that decision away from all of us, jeopardizing free speech and small business innovation", said Rep. This cascade of text is really just meant to communicate that the internet is not a public utility, that Title II doesn't apply, and that we're going back to how things were in 2015. The FCC's rule fails to justify the Commission's departure from its long-standing policy and practice of defending net neutrality, while misinterpreting and disregarding critical record evidence on industry practices and harm to consumers and businesses.

The order, which was published this morning in the Federal Register, starts the clock on legal and legislative efforts to overturn it. Democratic senators, including Chuck Schumer and Ed Markey, are trying to drum up support for a bill that would do just that. That's why we are committed to fighting the order.

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With the repeal published in the Register, Senate Democrats have only 59 days to block the legislation.

At the top of Net-neutrality supporters' wish list: passage of a Congressional Review Act measure to reinstate the original rules. "Whether it is litigation, state action, or some other mechanism that brings it about, I am sure that robust net neutrality protections will prevail with the American public". Two-thirds of the Senate would have to vote down a veto from Trump. Mr. Pai has argued that the rollback will spur more competition among internet service providers who will be motivated to offer more choice to their users.

That "light-touch" approach apparently does not apply to the states, which Republicans believe deserve more autonomy and less oversight from the federal government.

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